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This was the third time I had been late this week. I really wanted to keep my job… but I also love morning sex. There is nothing like a good hard fucking to start my day. I sat up the back, two seats from the end next to the window. There was a couple next to me and some school kids messing around jumping from seat to seat.

Spanking stories then fucked

Spanking stories then fucked

Spanking stories then fucked

Spanking stories then fucked

Spanking stories then fucked

Then when the government introduced plastic refuge bins, he had been one of the first companies to introduce a home cleaning service. I really hurt. I wish he would. Nodding their heads stoeies had decided. My heart Spanking stories then fucked pounding harder than Nathan had pounded my pussy this morning. They set her latte and his coffee up at the same time and they reached together for them.

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Hildi Files. Homecoming Ch. My car wouldn't start and The large chair made it impossible for her to keep both her hands and her feet on the ground as she bent over. Little did they know, one day Michelle would make all their fantasies Kathleen battle lovers sheet music true! Fjcked rights reserved. She did remember how large his hand was when he shook hers that day. Daniels walked in the door. Social Climber The painful price of ambition. Daniels asked with a bit of excitement in his voice. Will he be able to resist her delicious advances? He spread her legs and from the viewpoint in his chair, she knew that she was completely exposed to him from her little asshole to her slick pussy and Ivana xxx clit. Spanking stories then fucked cooed in delight and spread her Spanking stories then fucked as wide as she could while keeping her balance on his lap.

Ruth Anderson sat at in her new office, she had been promoted six months earlier and it still excited her being on the tenth floor.

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Erika had been a wild child, always getting into trouble. Her parents tried everything, grounding her, taking away her cell phone, cutting her allowance to a bare minimum, but nothing worked. In desperation, they turned to a boarding school that had become well known for taming wild teens. The school was happy to take her on, and before her first class, she met the headmaster, Mr. Her insolent gaze earned a steady, steely glare of hardness from his eyes, and her insolent attitude slipped a bit.

If so, you will find our school and your stay here, quite pleasant. If not, I will deal with you personally! She hated having to wear the school girl uniform of white blouse and plaid pleated skirt, and it was all too easy for her to slip back into her old habits, she had perfected her trouble making ways over her 16 years, and the time came when the headmaster ordered her to his office, just after classes had ended for the day.

When she entered his office, he locked the door. Now, we do not beat around the bush, we are going to punish you. Drop your panties Miss Taylor, you are going to get caned! Erika gaped at him, he gazed back at her with that same steely eyed glare, and she came to the realization that she had no choice, she was locked in, the headmaster would handle no defiance, in this setting he ruled, and the school administration, with the glowing recommendations the school earned for being able to handle the trouble makers, gave him full latitude to enforce discipline as he saw fit.

She reached up under her skirt, and with a tug, her panties were on the floor. Trembling, she did so, Mr. Smith took his cane, and walked over. Flipping up her skirt, the glory of her naked ass was revealed, smooth, soft, white cheeks, so perfectly formed. He could feel his cock grow quickly, and he opened his pants to let his eager cock grow unrestricted.

He drew back his arm, and landed a blow on her ass. Erika howled out in pain, as her ass lit up with the sting from the cane. She barely had time to even attempt to adjust to the hurt, as another stroke of the cane was delivered. That drew a full throated howl of pain from her, and Mr. Smith caned her ass over and over, his cock throbbing eagerly as he watched the white cheeks take on a dark crimson glow, the red marks of the cane strokes crisscrossing her ass.

After the 6th stoke, and the 6th howl of pain from Erika, he dropped his trousers completely, his cock was rock hard and ready. Erika was about to find out how much latitude Mr. Smith would take! With the burning fire of her well whipped ass cheeks, she did exactly as she was told. He put down the cane, stepped up behind her. Slipping his hardness against her, he gripped her hips tightly and shoved it in, in one huge thrust.

He drove his hard, eager 9 inches in, his hips smacked against her freshly beaten cheeks, Erika howled loud from the double barreled blow of her throbbing ass getting slammed, and her dry cunt getting fucked. Smith grunted with pleasure as he felt his cock stretching open the walls of her tight teen cunt. He drew back and rammed it home again, earning another grunt from Erika as she endured his thrusts.

He could feel her tight cunt stretched wide around his cock, the tightness was making his balls sizzle, and he felt his cock swell up even harder and longer, bringing another grunt of pain from Erika.

He slammed it in, one last time, and let the tightness take him over the edge. He moved back and forth slowly now, letting the tight cling milk every drop from his swollen cock before pulling his prick out. What gives you the right to beat my ass and then fuck me?

They are alternative behavior modifications. Too much freedom, and parents too scared to apply real discipline, leads to what you are. We are here to correct that. First off, your parents signed off on my applying discipline, we do not discuss the specifics of discipline, I merely apply what I feel is necessary to achieve the desired result. Second, you were not beaten and raped, you were subjected to alternative behavior modification.

Thirdly, do you really think that a known trouble-maker like yourself, would be believed? My word against yours, and the administration will back me up percent. He saw her expression change, and knew that she would cause no trouble. If she pressed it, she just might, but when he discussed it calmly like that, unsophisticated teens really thought that they would not be able to make any waves.

It was empty, as was the rest of the school, and he told her to lie down on her tummy, he placed a pillow under her hips, to elevate her ass. He reached into a small freezer, and withdrew two ice packs. Draping a towel gently over her cheeks, he carefully laid the ice packs down, Erika hissed a bit at the initial weight, but the ice started to provide relief to the burning fire, and she sighed as her cheeks started to lose some of the painful sting.

Late that night, Erika ran it over and over in her mind. She felt ashamed, and humiliated, and perversely, that was part of the nasty thrill that she was starting to feel. Her cunt started to throb, and soon she was in bed naked, she lay on her belly, a large pillow stuffed between her thighs.

She reached back, ran her hands over her caned ass, feeling the sting, and her cunt started to juice up. The idea that Mr. Smith was there, looking at her naked ass, applying firm strokes of the cane, fucking her hard right after the caning, the pain and humiliation she had felt, started her cunt simmering hotly. She humped her pillow, stroking her ass, feeling the sting, replaying in her mind the six firm strokes of the cane beating her ass.

Her cunt was ready to explode, all it took was remembering the feel of her tight cunt stretched wide around Mr. As she remembered the feel of his cum pouring hotly into her, she shook and shuddered wildly, humping the pillow madly as her cunt exploded, she howled out, this time in pleasure, as her pussy got the release of orgasm that she was craving.

She drifted off to sleep with a smile, the lesson had been well learned. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Previous Previous post: Linda at the gas station. Next Next post: Erika and the headmaster part 2.

The Seasoned Dominant Ch. Instead he was sitting calmly in his chair, completely dressed. Please Rate This Submission: 1 5 best. One side of her blouse was untucked and the buttons strained across her chest. She didn't want to be undressed like a child. It went from sexy photo shoot to steamy

Spanking stories then fucked

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This was the third time I had been late this week. I really wanted to keep my job… but I also love morning sex. There is nothing like a good hard fucking to start my day. I sat up the back, two seats from the end next to the window.

There was a couple next to me and some school kids messing around jumping from seat to seat. Each bump pushed on my still-hard clit and the hum of the bus was going right through me. The ride took forever and kept me on edge the whole time, which kept my mind off what Mr Thompson would say.

But as I walked into work my stomach my stomach started churning. I walked straight to my desk and started working. It was already Scanning the list I saw a message from reception. His PA Carol called and let him know I was there. My heart was pounding harder than Nathan had pounded my pussy this morning. I waited five minutes or so - cursing my horny pussy for needing a regular fucking. My head was running over different excuses and stories I could use to try and keep my job.

I heard the phone ring, Carol answered it. I stood up; sucked in a few deep breaths and walked towards the door. I opened the door and walked straight in.

A step or two into the office I noticed Mr Sung. He was the VP in charge of international sales. Mr Thompson was about 45, greying a little and very distinguished. He had run the company for the last 5 years, taking over after his father passed away.

He had a look that could burn a hole straight through you where you stood but also a kind touch that could make your knees weak.

He always wore a perfectly cut suit. Mr Sung was a small man from China. He had worked for the company for three years and helped it prosper in new fields of electronic media.

I thought it was strange that he was here for my firing, but I guessed he was a witness. He stood and walked around to the front of his desk. Taking his glasses off and putting the end of one arm in his mouth he sighed,. I felt his hand touch my chin and lift my face up so my eyes met his. The churning in my stomach stopped and a pulse of pleasure went straight to the troublemaker and man pleaser. A million things raced through my mind. I was hoping for one of them to drop into a slot and a good excuse to come out, but nothing good came up.

I held it in. Busy doing what? Mr Sung is busy but he made it on time today. Carol is always busy but makes it on time. So what was so important that stopped you? I was squirming on my chair for some reason being called to account scared me but also made me horny and really wet. Mr Thompson kneeled next to me.

He put his hand on my leg. No reason, no honesty , no anything. His touch sent shivers up my spine. I stayed silent. He stood up. The words were out before I even thought about what I was saying. I felt like a naughty school girl just confessed to the principal. I really am. I will make it up I promise. Mr Thompson walked over to Mr Sung and they discussed something for a moment or two.

Nodding their heads they had decided. I have never been given truth like that ever before it showed great courage. The fact is I was going to fire you. Right now is not the time to talk. I felt like I had been put in the naughty corner.

Again my pussy throbbed. I have discussed it with Mr Sung and we both agree. I was shocked. I have been spanked during a good fuck but never on its own. Mr Sung poured himself a scotch from the extensive bar in the corner of the office and moved to the lounge area. I stood up and looked at Mr Thompson.

My heart was racing, my pussy was throbbing and my nipples, harder than ever before, ached. He told me to pick up the chair I was sitting on and move it in front of the lounge area.

To my surprise my pussy juice had left a wet patch already. I carried the chair over and placed it about a meter in front of Mr Sung.

Mr Thompson walked over and noticed my wet patch. Grabbing a cushion off the sofa he placed it on the chair, and then sat down. I could feel my juices running down my legs I was so scared, so horny and so lost in the moment. He told me to take off my skirt and lay on his lap. I dis as I was told. Only my thin panties hid my womanhood. My head now dangled between my arms as I lay over his lap, my ass perched high in the air. He moved from one cheek to the other, never really hitting one area on a repeated basis.

The tears start to fall ask the juice dripped from my hole. I had lost count of the number of blows - sure it was never going to end but not wanting it to stop either. I stood my ass stinging and throbbing.

I did as I was told and took off my panties. Then I laid back down. He brought the paddle down hard 10 times on my red, stinging ass cheeks.

I did not say a word. My pussy was now doing all the talking. I came repeatedly squirting pussy juice all over the rug.

I stood up. Mr Thompson walked back behind his desk and ripped up the papers in front of him. My termination papers I guess. I dressed still in shock and awe. I had just cum while being spanked by my boss, in front of another man. I could barely hide my smile. I walked over to his big desk and thanked him for another chance. He smiled. I walked to my desk and sat down, my sore cheeks soothed by the cold leather chair.

Each time I moved I remembered and got wet all over again. Leigh's review - a good spanking. I knew I was in trouble. Sorry babe. This is your time. I had nothing to lose. My mind was racing. Will he see my wet, bald pussy?

Spanking stories then fucked

Spanking stories then fucked

Spanking stories then fucked