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We are proud to present you our catalog of high quality tall wooden ship models, plastic model ships, RC ship models, model sailing ships for sale. Building any ship models you want. We offer our customers a worldwide mail service. Aimed at model makers with some experience, the range of kits is constantly expanding to provide a broader field of choice and interest. We believe that you should find these case studies both interesting and informative.

Scale model ship building

This is about any Scae Based Research Material you Scale model ship building. The Model Yacht Sailing Association. Aimed at model makers with some experience, the range of kits is constantly expanding to provide a broader field of choice and interest. Model ships are pure magic. We are proud to present you our catalog of high quality tall wooden ship models, plastic model ships, RC ship models, model sailing ships for sale.

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Cannon Balls. Threads 21 Messages Sep 11, Giancarlo Construction Details of Ships Threads 16 Messages Scale The future project should be mature enough to create a legitimate group build and shall have Scale model ship building own "Group Build" forum established. Threads 71 Messages Scale model ship building Threads 4 Messages Perfect as a solo activity or as something to enjoy with the kids, we have everything you need to make perfect replicas of water vessels from countless eras. Media New media New comments Search media. Eye Screws. Fitted as a frigate, HMS Bounty is the ship that sailed into the history books in when Fletcher Christian and his fellow mutineers forced the tyrannical Captain Bligh and 18 loyal crew members into an open longboat with few provisions and cast it adrift. HMS Victory based on Shipyard.

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Model ships are pure magic. They offer builders the satisfaction of shipbuilding without leaving the house. It heralds the place where Nelson took his last breath and is best known for contributions to the Battle of Trafalgar. The hull is a double plank-on-bulkhead construction done in lime and walnut.

Details include five different sizes of turned brass cannons, eight sheets of the etched brass component, and three different profiled brass rails.

The four ship boats are also a plank on bulkhead construction. Rigging thread comes in two different colors while brass etched windows add fine details. It also includes construction photos of the prototype. It uses a plank on bulkhead design with laser cut, basswood keel and bulkheads. Self-adhesive copper take helps with plating the hull below the waterline. An extensive fittings package includes photo-etched brass detailing, over wooden blocks and deadeyes, brass eyebolts, and a number of other fine details.

Fiber materials include different colors of rigging thread, netting, and printed flags. The longboat is a miniature model inside this one, and honestly, really fun to build.

The armament is all there with two long guns and 16 precision-cast carronades. It includes eight full-sized plan sheets and a page illustrated assembly manual. The Providence is a scale model of a whaling boat. It can also give you an excellent introduction to some complex building practices without being prohibitively difficult.

The primary wood used for the model is America Cherry, a beautiful model wood. It comes with all the proper pieces to build the model aside from tools. The details are brass and cast iron, plus pre-sewn sails.

Rigging threads are different colors and weights for visual interest and to replicate historical details. It looks great left to its natural colorings, but you could also customize the paint to match historical records of these ships or your own creativity. This model is a scale, double plank on bulkhead design with plenty of detail for historical accuracy.

It uses lime and walnut strips for the hull with beautiful Tanganyika strips for the decking. This adds natural sheen to the deck, where the wood would have been polished by use over time. The brass cannonades are fully rigged and come with walnut carriages. Brass etchings add fine detail while the ships boats use resin with walnut and brass components.

The instructions are clear two step by step, full-color build manuals, and detailed scale plans with full identification of the parts. The planking is easier as well. It includes all rigging in black and natural hemp, birch dowels for masts, brass fittings including boat hooks and grapnels. Every detail is to scale, aside from possibly the number and overall prominence of nail heads.

Nothing too out of sync with the real thing, however. The Amati model is a beautiful model well suited to a skilled beginner or intermediate builder.

This ship has plenty of cool features such as swivel guns and plenty of rigging. It has comprehensive instructions intended for those who are just getting started with building ship models. It has laser cut parts with metal and wooden fittings. The finished model is just over 20 inches long and ten inches high. The pieces use MDF instead of plain plywood style pieces for the hull, so there should be no warping to account for.

No mistake, however. It will be a challenge. It comes with all your metal and brass fittings for accuracy to the original craft. There are two sheets of plans, and a detailed page instruction booklet included. You also get the stand so that you can display your finished model appropriately. This beautiful Russian Brig is a stunning model ship at scale.

It uses high precision laser cut parts with all the appropriate sections. The kit comes with a nearly page instruction booklet with clear instructions.

It also includes 17 plan sheets. It has a double planked hull with photo etched brass and copper. There are true scale wooden blocks for a stunning build. It includes 12 different weights of rigging for a realistic effect. Many of the decorative details are photo-etched with nail details.

The kit comes with the show platform so you can display your efforts when everything is done. The model is over 33 inches long and 24 inches high.

It has beautiful colorings of classic ships and all the appropriate rigging across two ultra tall masts. The Latina model is a realistic representation of a schooner at a scale. It features high precision, laser cut wooden pieces, brass eyelets, and pre-sewn sales. It has complete instructions in full color, so you have plenty of references when building.

Construction of a model matches closely the real way these schooners were built. The kit uses a variety of woods including mahogany and applewood. The finished model is just over 21 inches long by just over 19 inches high. You get nine different detailed plans of the original ship, plus two comprehensive sets of instructions. Details include etched brass components and profiled brass rails. Riggings use natural hemp for an authentic look.

The Dapper Tom is an interpretation of the classic topsail schooner. It relied on its nimbleness for protection maneuvering through enemy waters. It is machine carved basswood, with true to scale metal fittings. The kit includes eight cast metal cannons make sure you get a newer kit. The older ones were cast from led , and detailed instructions with clear plans.

Artesania Latina is a scale model of the legendary Santa Maria that accompanied Columbus on his historic voyage. The pieces are laser cut with brass nails and eyebolts. The cloth sails are presewn and attach easily. It comes with detailed instructions that include photographs and drawings to help you build. However, if you have a few models under your belt and a solid understanding of model building principles, this could be a visually stunning model for your next project.

It measures just over ten inches wide by just over 22 inches long and stands a bit over 19 inches high and takes about two months for an advanced builder. The sails are pre-sewn, and all the pieces are laser-cut. The Swift includes all the parts you need to build, including brass hardware and all the rigging thread. It also has all the planking and parts for masts. It has rich coloring that you could easily customize for historical accuracy.

This model is just over 21 inches long and just over 18 inches high. The Viking replica is a scale wooden model with a plank on frame hull. The visuals of the directions may help you get those complex details right the first time.

It uses high precision, laser cut parts. The model kit has real brass and cast iron accessories with presewn fabrics for the sales. It includes the string for rigging, and all the plastic and metal hardware. The final build measures just over 11 inches long and a bit over ten inches high. It includes all the pieces you need to build as long as you have the right tools. It also includes the pre-sewn sale. The accessories are real brass with a cast and woven parts.

Rigging threads are three different colors for visual interest. You can check the real scale of the ship with included plans. One downside to this model is that it frequently has gaps in the second hull planking.

It comes with all the necessary parts cut with laser precision. Pieces are made of beech and walnut, plus accessories made from wood and metal. Sails are precut and pre-sewn for easy assembly. There are even some bamboo pieces for a bit of authenticity. Currently, Junk models are pretty rare, and this is one of possibly two options available. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy your model ship kit. Be honest. You can also look at the number of masts.

Build log victory model vanguard. RC-Sail Model plans 71 plans to build. The future project should be mature enough to create a legitimate group build and shall have its own "Group Build" forum established. Today at AM Uwek. Wheels - Ship and Wheel Stand. The principle is similar to that of the windlass, which has a horizontal axle.

Scale model ship building

Scale model ship building

Scale model ship building

Scale model ship building

Scale model ship building

Scale model ship building. - Thanks to everyone who support this site! -


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The tall ship: The scale is small, but model ship builder thinks big. By Charles Swenson Coastal Observer. Naturally, space is a problem. Tweezers would help. Maritime Museum in Georgetown. The Henrietta was the subject of an exhibit at the museum in It was built at Bucksville on the Waccamaw River, the community founded by a shipbuilding family from Maine. Rather than send South Carolina lumber north, one enterprising captain sent his shipwrights south in the s to build a square-rigged cargo ship.

The success of that project — the ton Hattie Buck — led to construction of the 1,ton Henrietta. Work began in the fall of and the ship was launched in April with her three masts still on deck because of the trees overhanging the Waccamaw between Bucksville and Georgetown. The Henrietta was towed by a steam-powered tug to Charleston for rigging. She was feet long and the top of her mainmast was feet above the deck, the largest wooden sailing ship ever built in the state.

The Henrietta carried cargo for 19 years, mainly on routes to the Pacific. In , she ran aground off Japan in a typhoon and was broken up and sold for firewood. Instead, he used basswood. But he built his Henrietta about the same way the New Englanders did in the 19th century, laying down the keel and working his way up from hull to deck to cabins. Masts and spars came last. One thing the original builders had that Brady lacked was a plan.

The model is based on drawings by Ed Scott, a naval architect who used a photo of the Henrietta to recreate the plan. For Brady, the challenge is in the process. He spent 23 years in the Air Force doing aircraft maintenance and another 20 years at The Citadel in procurement. He knows how to build things.

Brady also has patience and a steady hand. He started on the model a year ago. The ship has two kinds of rope: the standing rigging that holds the masts upright and the running rigging that controls the sails.

The original had 24 sails. The model has bare spars. The running rigging is secured to belaying pins on deck in seamanlike fashion. Maritime Museum. And what he likes is detail. The Henrietta is a challenge because of the scale, but it still features details such as hinges and knobs on the cabin doors.

Although he has studied a photo of the Henrietta, it often left questions unanswered. The process of building a model is a voyage of discovery. The tall masts made her a fast sailer.

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Scale model ship building

Scale model ship building

Scale model ship building