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Jude Law has had a nice career. There was a momentum to it for a while: interesting costarring roles in really good movies, like The Talented Mr. He seemed to wither a little, especially as the sidekick to Robert Downey Jr. A nice career, but no one was shelling out specifically to see Jude Law movies. And then he cut his hair.

Jude bald

Jude bald

Jude bald

Jude bald

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Just take one look at Girls caught wanking, if you can be voted the world's sexiest man with a receding hairline - I'm pretty sure you Jude bald pull one partner at a bar with the same, eh? Loading articles. By necessity or choice or the influence of fashionable ex-girlfriend Sienna MillerLaw was an early adopter of the actor-in-hats archetype. It's amazing, actually, what they can do. After requesting a decent sense of humour, Jude asked to have his beloved follicles back. Bridget of Sweden and St. Jude" redirects here. Shane Warne, vs. This article contains Coptic text. Jude in Chicago, Illinois was founded in by the Claretian Missionaries. Jude was born into a Jewish family Judr Paneas Jude bald, a town in Galilee later rebuilt during the Roman period and renamed Caesarea Philippi. For other uses, see St. For other uses, see Thaddeus. Domestic Church Communications Ltd.

Jude Law's hair loss has been a topic of discussion for years now, and although there's those that have debated whether or not he should have gotten hair transplant surgery or not; he's well and truly embraced the receding hairline.

  • Well, well, well - someone appears to have been eating up their greens AND their crusts - Jude Law is no longer going bald.
  • He is sometimes identified with Jude, the brother of Jesus , but is clearly distinguished from Judas Iscariot , the apostle who betrayed Jesus prior to his crucifixion.
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I feel bad for the guy, because when he was in his 20s, he was so impossibly beautiful, and I think his hair situation bothers him. His hairline really started to go wonky… oh, maybe five or six years ago? It makes him look older, sure. And finally, we are able to see why.

Jude Law showed up for the Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows premiere in Paris last night displaying what looked like drastic hair loss. Having refused to bare his head for months, even when pressed during interviews, Jude looked perfectly relaxed doing so last night, grinning alongside Sherlock director Guy Ritchie. Jude meanwhile was only too happy to mingle with the throng of excited fans who turned up to see him, even appearing to suggest a photo opportunity with some.

The year-old has not been seen without a cap, beanie or smart hat since October, even sporting the look on the red carpet. The actor has previously denied ever taking measures to tackle his receding hairline, following speculation that he has resorted to implants. Yeah, I would still hit it. I can feel Jude impregnating me with his eyes as we speak. Photos courtesy of WENN. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. He looks so HOT with less hair. Those lips and eyes… melt me every time.

I agree! Owning your balding situation shows confidence — which I find just as appealing as full head of hair. Just own it! I thought I was the only one who loves Jason Statham. Loved him in Snatch!.. Just got a mental pic on that one…heh. Much hotter and sexier than Fassy! Jude looks good.. Too many had hit that before me.

I totally agree. I would be afraid he would cause some toxic green gas to permanetly leak from them should his dong come within an inch of me. He can however seduce me with his eyes all he wants. He has a nice enough shaped head that he could just shave it all off and still look okay.

His beard is perfect, and he would look great with keeping it and then shaving his head. So…sexy, I guess depending on how you feel about pubic hair. He still has a gorgeous face but honestly, not a huge fan of the recede. We know you are balding — and none of us care.

I think he needs to just shave it all off. Not liking that patch of hair in the middle. He could pull off the completely bald look with that beautiful face of his. Absolutely beautiful.

I found Jude pretty then… I find him pretty now. Fortunately for him, he is balding in front. That can give an intelligent, aristocratic, and at the same time, masculine, look. I would have smashed the sh-t out of the Lawdong then, and I was still smash it now. I was out of there when he banged the nanny. He seems a bit self-conscious here, though. Sorry the guy does nothing to me — not a very talented actor, never says anything charming or intelligent in interviews.

Loves to hear himself talk. Not sophisticated, cheap sexuality! Amen to that! Speaking of, I saw some pics of Rob and Susan out and about yesterday. They looked really happy. Hair or not, I have never found this scrawny little cheater attractive. I have only started finding him attractivwe in the last couple of years. I have no issue with the receding hair line. Statham is so hot too. My man is balding too and I find it best when a man who is balding keeps his hair trimmed short.

Not all men suit the shaved head. But with the smile lines, he is owning the sexy older guy look! Jude Law is Hot!! He was hot then and hot now. They leave scars. That makes me sad. Nope—no plugs. Jude Law is a sexy motherf… and no, that is not bronzer. No biggie, to each their own. Just own what you have that is sexy to me. Man, I love him. Just looking at the photos makes me want to barf. Jjst shave it all off or toup that bitch. I have a phobia about balding and it just creeps me out.

He ought to just shave it really close, or off entirely. But he is awfully sexy. He should shave his hair off like Bruce Willis. I think he would look just has handsome with no hair at all. I think he looks great still. His forehead grew 4 inches. He needs to do a Bruce Willis and just shave. I remember when he did it he went from meh to BOOM! Sexiest bald head in hollywood. Wrong… Billy Zane looks hot with no hair. Jude looks well…he looks like an ordinary Joe Blow from the pub.

Even Ben Kingsley looks hotter than Jude with less hair. Right now it looks a little too weird for my taste. Jesus Christ that man is fine! My husband has really gorgeous curly dark hair, but he end through a period of shaving it bald just as a style. SO HOT! I loved it. There will be no cover-up. Just hot, bald sexy! Some guys are amazingly hot bald. I think many have already been mentioned. Love L. Less hair means he has loads of testosterone.

Think about it. Going bald is easier for men with manly features and burly physique Jason Statham, Bruce Willis. Jude Law receding hair line or not has never been an attractive man to me. The reason he was wearing the beanie for awhile is because that IS a transplant in the front. And I actually prefer my men bald. He looks like Phil Collins. He was never beautiful but he became a huge star around your our age — with Sherlock and a shave you can too. Gorgeous man. This is because you are too lazy to look up what actually happened instead of getting all of your info from TABLOIDS not fit for filling up cat litter boxes.

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Translations into English from the original Greek of the New Testament vary in their rendering of Luke and Acts She simply shaved her head during a breakdown and then let it all grow back. Abraham Isaac Jacob Joseph. When was the bald eagle made the national bird Jude is often depicted with a flame above his head, representing his presence at Pentecost, when he was said to have received the Holy Spirit with the other apostles.

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Jude Law reveals dramatic bald patch on the beach at Cannes | Daily Mail Online

Jude Law has had a nice career. There was a momentum to it for a while: interesting costarring roles in really good movies, like The Talented Mr. He seemed to wither a little, especially as the sidekick to Robert Downey Jr.

A nice career, but no one was shelling out specifically to see Jude Law movies. And then he cut his hair. And suddenly, he's the man. He's the man in the new movie Black Sea out today , which is a submarine movie. And it's not some historical epic. It's set right now, and the rest of the cast is made up of hooligans of British and Russian descent who would easily have overwhelmed the man and actor Jude Law had become before he cut his hair.

He seems larger. He looks angrier. He seethes menace. You realize you've just seen a Jude Law movie. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Jimmy Carter Is a Baller. In Defense of the Divey Pickleback Shot. Then and Now. The Talented Mr. Ripley Artificial Intelligence Cold Mountain Alfie Closer Sherlock Holmes Side Effects The Grand Budapest Hotel Black Sea Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Jude bald

Jude bald