Jay haas swing-Jay Haas Golf Swing

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Jay haas swing

Jay haas swing

Ben hogan Cambodia webcam not instantly a great golfer. Manner that the clubface will be allowed to become square to the ball-target. Great tips all around! Henny B Learned From Everybody. Currently playing on the Champions Tour, Jay Haas has had a solid if Jay haas swing spectacular 35 year career as a professional golfer, with 31 professional wins, as well as President's Cup and Ryder Cup team honours.

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Even players who feel that they are simply swinging the club, still definitely use their bodied effectively. Masters Tournament. Senior PGA Championship champions. Brad BryantLeonard Thompson. Namespaces Article Talk. Yellow background for Jay haas swing Center Of Gravity Explained. Free Views:. Did not play. John Adams. Andy Bean.

There is a lot that you can learn from the technique that jay haas uses in his golf swing.

  • Haas was born in St.
  • He also teaches at Drive in New York.
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  • Jay Hass who is currently playing his trade on the Champions Tour, and doing quite well for him as well; had a phenomenal career in the game of golf.

He also teaches at Drive in New York. He has seen thousands of swings and has helped golfers of all abilities, from rank beginners to tour players. Let's take a closer look at how it works. Jay's coach Bill Harmon describes Jay as "swinger" of the club and not a "hitter".

While there really is no benchmark for classifying a player's swing, I think that is a fair description. Jay's arm swing and hand action dominates his swing, while his body follows. As Jay begins his swing, his first move is to lift his arms and the club to the outside, while very little of anything else is happening. Jay has said that throughout his career he often tried to change this, but inevitably comes back to the move that he makes naturally.

Great players often tinker, but know that some movements are too ingrained to fix. After Jay's initial takeaway, he begins to turn his hips and shoulders as the club swings back to a fairly conventional top-of-the-backswing position. The backswing definitely has the look of a two-part action. First the "lifting of the arms," and second the "turning of the body.

One thing I really like about Jay's swing is his footwork. In the video filmed down the line you can really get a good look at how well his feet and legs work. In the backswing, his left heel lifts slightly as his left knee breaks in and toward the ball. He then replants his heel as he starts his downswing, similar to that of Tom Watson or Jack Nicklaus.

Jay's footwork reminds me of a well-choreographed dance step. This rising and replanting of his heel is undoubtedly important to his timing and rhythm.

Notice that his heel replants in the same spot, or maybe even slightly closer to the target. Raising your heel in your backswing can be a great tool to help produce a bigger hip and shoulder turn, just take note of where it replants. Lastly, notice how Jay's left leg straightens as the club swings through impact.

This comes from the unwinding of his hips and is definitely a power source. Even players who feel that they are simply swinging the club, still definitely use their bodied effectively. Tiger seems to feel that this movement is what caused some of his knee issues, and is working on minimizing it.

Granted Jay "snaps" his left leg at a far slower speed than Tiger does, but it doesn't seem to be slowing him down anytime soon. NB etting A. The Grind. Bold Claims. Share this story: Facebook. Accessibility Help. All rights reserved.

Senior PGA Championship champions. Then the take away move that Haas has, is a little bit of a lift of the hads. NB etting A. Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship. He is a nephew of Masters winner Bob Goalby , and has several other relations in golf including his second son Bill who has played on the PGA Tour since Great tips all around! Larry Mize , Kirk Triplett.

Jay haas swing

Jay haas swing

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Jay haas swing