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High-resolution, colorized photo of Babe Ruth Image i. Bill Burr disagrees. He makes an entertaining argument. Do you just not follow comedy, or do you really think Burr is better than Carlin, Pryor, Hicks, or Chappelle? I'd maybe take Hicks off that list, he's kind of polarizing, but the other three are pretty well recognized as the best.

Babe high resolution

Babe high resolution

Babe Ruth fol. What path do they have to make it to MLB? Baseball Player Babe Ruth on the Field. Babe Ruth Aetherial. He hit his in about at bats Babe high resolution it took Hank about at bats to hit The modern game is Babe high resolution too good. How about Chinese Taipei, China or Korea?

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All Raw Produced. No people. Head shot. East Asian. Medium shot. Real time. Too many images selected. Select images or less to download. Select all on page. Change filter. Search instead in Creative? New York's Babe Ruth. People: Babe Ruth. Tokyo Babe. Babe Ruth New York Yankee Babe Ruth. Ruth In Action. Babe Ruth in Red Sox Uniform.

Babe Ruth. New York Yankees' Babe Ruth swinging his bat. Babe Ruth fol. Big Ball Player. Babe Ruth Holding Baseball Bats. Babe Ruth Practicing. Top Men. People: Babe Ruth, Warren G. Babe Ruth Calls His Shot. Babe Ruth Swinging Bat. Portrait Of Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth [Yankees]. People: Babe Ruth [Yankees]. New York Yankees. People: Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth.

Boston Braves Babe Ruth Babe Ruth During Baseball Carnival. Babe Ruth Eye On Ball. Babe Ruth Waving Hat in Dugout. Bab Ruth. Babe Ruth Aetherial. Babe Ruth Warming Up Babe Ruth at Bat. Babe Ruth Hitting Home Run. Babe Ruth Salutes the Crowd. Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth team up for final championship toge. New York Giants v Boston Braves. Babe Bats. Babe Ruth in Uniform. Sliding Into First. People: Babe Ruth, Bud Clancy. Baseball great Babe Ruth, in uniform, addressing c. Babe Ruth foll. Babe Ruth Hitting Baseball.

Baseball Player Babe Ruth on the Field. Portrait of Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth, familiarly known as Babe is now undergoing a very.

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Babe high resolution

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High-resolution, colorized photo of Babe Ruth Image i. Bill Burr disagrees. He makes an entertaining argument. Do you just not follow comedy, or do you really think Burr is better than Carlin, Pryor, Hicks, or Chappelle? I'd maybe take Hicks off that list, he's kind of polarizing, but the other three are pretty well recognized as the best.

You can't really say this guy is better than this guy because it's all just a matter of opinion. Both these guys will be two of the best ever when it's all said and done. Bill Burr is one of those comics that can be in a room full of other comics and still be, hands down, the funniest dude in the room. I don't think he wants the fame associated with releasing a new special every year. Just because he's not releasing specials doesn't mean he's doing the same material every year. He's been back touring for a few years now which leads me to believe he probably still writes a new hour every year or two regardless of whether he releases a special or not.

I don't think Hicks is that funny. I enjoy watching his old acts, but I don't really laugh at all. I don't find any of the "top 3" that funny. In , he went and led the American League with nine shutouts and a 1. And then in the Red Sox traded him to the Yankees and he became known as the greatest slugger of all time. Still holds the all time career OPS record to this day nearly years later. Without juicing, I doubt anyone would ever match his 60 home runs in just games played.

Beyond all the numbers even he became the iconic baseball player of his age. I don't know that anyone since has achieved that level of fame. Tons of other fun facts about how amazing Babe Ruth was here. We already know that steroids date back to the s with Pud Galvin.

If this is true and he got sick from taking too much steroids, who knows how much of his career he did take steroids but not enough to get him sick. This may be a stupid thing to believe and if there are any good arguments against it I will gladly hear them out, but I just think that if there were to be any baseball player named the "GOAT", it can't be a player who played pre-Integration.

I actually agree with you, but it's worth considering that Ruth was probably the best player in baseball history relative to his league. Another thing we have to remember is; like Babe Ruth, Willie Mays didn't face all the best pitchers of his day either.

There wasn't nearly as much turnover between the AL and NL back in those days, and no regular season interleague play. So Willie didn't face all those great AL pitchers. I'm not convinced Babe's numbers would have decreased significantly if the game was integrated.

People who argue that Babe's numbers would be less impressive if he played integrated baseball assume that the Major League structure as is existed in the s 2 major leagues of 8 teams each would exist unchanged, and the Negro Leagues simply wouldn't exist at all.

It assumes that replacement level white players would be displaced by the best black players. Therefore; Major League pitching talent goes up, and Babe's hitting stats go down. However I assume that the Majors would be larger under integration. But the null hypothesis would be that the overall pitching talent stays about the same, and so do Babe's stats.

I also assume that interleauge play would still not be introduced, and Babe would still not face all the best pitchers of his day. By WAR, Mays best year was when he was He put up He had ks to 46 walks and had 10 shutouts. The second best hitter that season was Hank Aaron with 7. Now if we compare that to Babe Ruth. His best season was when he was He accumulated The next best hitter that season was Tris Speaker, who put up a 9.

They both were head and shoulders better than their peers, but IMO Babe was even further separated from his peers. Babe Ruth led the league in OPS for 13 straight years from His 41 homers in led the league by Only two people hit over 20 that season. Ruth definitely played against worse competition, but no one else in the league was close to the player he was.

This is completely ignoring that he was also a very good pitcher before switching to the field. Yeah but if we threw in the worst current MLB player into a single A league, then of course he'll seem really good but that doesn't mean he is really good.

Ruth is and will forever be one of the greats and he should be respected as such, but I wouldn't say he's the greatest of all time. The entire sport is constantly getting better.

Would have been amazing to have had Josh Gibson in a home run race against Babe Ruth. Both of them obliterating records along the way. If that's your stance, then the GOAT also can't be anyone from the last. The modern game is just too good. Best of his era for sure, but it was an era with very little specialization, segregation, poor eating and training, etc.

You didn't have the best players playing to the best of their ability like you do today. Well you can only judge a player based on what he did during his era.

Johnny Unitas is clearly inferior to quarterbacks of the past 30 years, but what he did in his time to revolutionize the position makes him an all time great. You can say the same about Ruth, Cobb, and other players from a different time. But being great in that era does not make him the greatest of all time. But not all of the best Cubans manage to defect and MLB so players in the past few decades haven't been playing against the best players playing to the best of their ability even today.

So we miss a few Cubans today. Whereas in the early s we miss anyone who wasn't upper class and could afford to not work since the pay wasn't nearly as enticing, anyone who wasn't white, anyone west of the ohio river, anyone not from the US, anyone who could've been better with nutrition and training but wasn't, anyone who would've been good if specializing in sports at a young age was a thing It also wasn't really for Japanese players to make it to MLB during their prime due to the posting system.

Imagine if Ichiro made it over earlier. How about Chinese Taipei, China or Korea? What path do they have to make it to MLB? And Australian baseball players? I didn't think he was until I started working at his museum. He transitioned from the best pitcher in the league to the best hitter ever. He hit his in about at bats and it took Hank about at bats to hit Heres a picture I would guess is from the same shoot.

Yeah it was just a joke anyway. I must've seen about pics of Ruth in a Boston uniform anyway. When this picture gets posted, the same comment comes up every time. His skin tone was much darker than that in real life. Some people thought he was black, and he often received taunts. Here is a neat article on it. How old was he in this photo? He has a young head of hair but looks old around the eyes.

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Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. So it doesn't surprise me that reddit users think he's the funniest thing ever. Putting Dave with the likes of carlin Pryor and hicks isn't right.

Babe high resolution

Babe high resolution