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Nerds who came of age in the US during the s or early new millennium retain a special place in their hearts for Suncoast Video. The dimly lit, neon-accented locations of this mall-based chain gave many geeky young men and women their first exposure to anime and manga. Amidst racks of Hollywood releases, each location devoted prominent floor space to Japanese animation and comics. Epic battles between demons are occasionally interrupted by a stilted romantic subplot. Maimed and mutilated female bodies randomly litter the background of other scenes.

Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji

Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji

Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji

Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji

Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji fact will be important in a minute. Check websites and ask questions before you commit yourself to any purchase. You may also wish to import from a UK-based e-tailer, where possible, and not from well-known e-tailers who might have their packages recognised by HM Customs. Meant to be a return to form, The Final Chapter was god-awful. Thanks, mate. DPReview Digital Photography. But they don't Erotic literaturre it as problematic, as we do Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji the West. This scene contains scene of the girls sucking on Nikki's demon lollypop, two girl, one licking out the other, whilst Nikki sculls the Uncenskred of the other females tongue. I hope this helps!

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This version is very common too and has been used e. A lot better than all the scenes they put Uncnesored today and call "movies. Since there are still the Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji of the single OVAs in this cut together version it is not accurate to refer to it as movie-version. Studios: Phoenix Entertainment. Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji material may be challenged and removed. The Teddy. Two of them mention they were going to be next. A large part of those 90 minutes are additional recaps and credits. After Nikki fights the gang which remains unchanged in Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji version Nikki brings back the three girls to where they are at. Amanojaku Main. As a result, Caesar tears his body to two pieces.

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  • Background: The Urotsukidoji series is probably one of the classics of the so-called Hentai-Anime genre, i.
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Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Thread Modes. Posts: 1, Threads: 89 Joined: Apr The only worthwhile releases of the Theatrical Version, which edited out the hardcore scenes but also included brand new scenes such as a full color version of the opening scene of OVA 2 and a better introduction to Suikakujyu is the Japanese LD, which doesn't have any English what-so-ever.

Thanks, Anime For one, the PC and Japanese import versions are all fog censored, despite there being hardly anything worth fogging in the first place ah, NEVA. Sadly, it's also crawling with cheap looking English titles ie: Tokyo, X and once again has English and Japanese audio with no subtitles. It also includes a bunch of extras - Japanese trailers, still galleries, the Special Erotic Collection Vol.

However, it was based on the PAL masters that were used by Kiseki in the UK, who cut the various episode recaps to make dubbing them easier. Anime 18 included the first recap the one that goes over the end of the original OVA as an extra, but didn't include the other 3 in any capacity.

As always, Anime 18 gives you English or Japanese dialogue, no subtitles. Well, all right, one of the scenes involving Alector is still fogged, but there are 4 or 5 scenes that aren't, which proves once and for all that Tohokushinsha has either lost, or doesn't care about the existence of the uncensored film masters for these episodes.

The LD has far better quality than the tapes though it still has a strange bright red cast on the transfer , but the Japanese tape includes the Special Erotic Collection Part II, in which we get about 10 minutes of sex scenes cut from the Director's Edition, plus a scene from Uro 2 Kohoki raping Megumi for no apparently reason. Sadly, not all of the cut scenes are present, so if you like the scene with young Caesar tearing girls apart with his Robo-Cock or the hilarious Bill Clinton Muppet Sex from the original opening, you might want to hang onto the OVA version.

Japanese DVD's are uncut and include all recaps, but they've been out of print for years and were none too cheap to start with. Also, no English. Basically the first "movie" starts with the recap of episode 6, plays to the end of the episode, and then cuts the credits for 6 and the recap and title sequence for 7 entirely. Then it plays the credits for 6 and 7 at the end. Repeat for OVA 8 and 9. Bonus points will be awarded for remembering everything.

OVA 10 and 11 have always been fullscreen, and deal with super powered children lording over adult sex slaves who's job is to produce new friends for them. When these kids become too old, they lose their powers and become breeders. A pair of teenagers try to escape before that happens, and get caught. That's right, the scenes in which Yumi is raped by what appears to be a tentacle EVA unit is left intact, but scenes of a boy who's clearly the exact same age watching his lover get violated whilst hot women ride him like a rodeo show are snipped.

What the hell, Anime 18?! That fact will be important in a minute. Anyway, OVA 12 is unedited. The title card is widescreen, and the episode itself is fullscreen. Just wait. The Anime 18 release has a black screen that notes the film festivals it was a part of, a really awful original "text on fire" scroll in English, and the whole episode is presented in widescreen.

Now, the episode was shot in fullscreen, so the widescreen version just slaps bars on valid screen information.

Why was this done? Beats the crap out of me. It was never in theaters. The weirdest part is that the Japanese DVD just has a black screen showing off the festival list, and is widescreen, just like the US release, though it still has Japanese title cards. And just to make my head explode, the hardcore tentacle porn on all versions - even the Japanese video release - is completely uncensored. NEVA, at least be consistent My mind! Germany once again cut this into a pair of movies How the crap could they do that?

They cut the credits from episode 10, and the recap from episode 11, and then cut episode 11 about 20 minutes in. Ugly German title cards still apply, and best of all, OVA 18 matted episode 10 and 11 to be widescreen, just like episode 12! Did I mention they also included a minute long black screen with German subtitles recapping the epic events in Uro 3 with like, 5 sentences?

At least OVA 18 left in the psuedo-kiddy porn boy rape, I guess. The "movie" version of Uro 4 is a very interesting thing, and is known as the "Wicked Immoral Version". It also cuts all 3 OVA's together, but does so in a logical and precise way, and has an exclusive Japanese title card Did I mention it's entirely in fullscreen?

Basically the battle between the Chojin and the Kyo-O includes brand new animation from Madhouse, in which Himi - who rapidly ages to maturity before our very eyes - is raped by the Chojin, who after going Super Saiyan 4 reveals he was actually a Demon King who waited inside of Akemi's womb, and drank the blood of the unborn Chojin thus stealing his power.

Now that he has the blood of the Kyo-O too, he's unstoppable mwa-haha! I swear to god I'm not making this up. Without a doubt the biggest Uro based atrocity the world has ever known, this series - which the LD notes takes place after the alternate ending shown in the Uro 4 movie, in which Amano and Megumi were flung back to just after Nagumo's apocalypse and the end of Uro 1 - has the True Really No Lie This Time Chojin being born Himi - who's apparently dead, sorta' - reveals that the Chojin never intended to unite the worlds and create an eternal kingdom, but is planning on destroying all life on earth and replacing it with his Shinjin the new humanity So it's up to Amano Jyaku to take on a god Meant to be a return to form, The Final Chapter was god-awful.

Despite the return of the original director, Hideki TAKAYAMA, the script writer, character designer and animation studios had all changed hands, leaving the production stilted, and at times with totally unfinished, workprint like animation.

Some scenes weren't animated at ALL - they'd just freeze-frame and fast forward to the usable scenes! The thought that Amano would suddenly go "wait No way! The makemono from Uro 3 are simply gone, and if they made the totally worthless scene with Nagumo and Akemi any longer I'd have been forced to kill myself. Sincerely, this thing is bad It's like a train wreck.

Of bad pornographic animation. There was also a "Legend of the Kyo-O" movie, which basically tells the entire Urotsukidoji story in 2 hours, and calls itself "Theatrical Version Volume 2".

It includes a truncated cut of the "Himi gets raped" alternate ending of Inferno Road, plus some alternate animation like Himi being a naked loli as opposed to a baby at the Kuroko village.

Never released outside of Japan, since it was literally intended to be seen before The Final Chapter, which we aren't allowed to have because nobody in Japan wanted it, hence no one in America would either.

Sound logic, really Good luck finding this one. Basically you watch the end of the second dumb movie cut thing, and you're taken to a series of menus that describe the story in German poorly.

Keep clicking right on the remote, and when the screens are through the episode plays in raw Japanese. No German subtitles. OVA 18 claims it was because the licensor told them not to subtitle it. Germany is a bit A small hand full of licensors own virtually everything in Germany in regards to movies, so if somebody screws up they'll usually get caught, shrug, pay a few hundred euro's and it's all good after that.

No English on any of these releases, I'm afraid. I can't say I'm a fan It's not the worst tentacle hentai, no, and frankly it's better than The Final Chapter The Anime 18 release is uncensored, has English subtitles, and Japanese 2. If hearing wiggling tentacles in Japanese in surround sound is your thing and I know it's mine Otherwise the R1 is just fine, and remains the only international release so far. Also, none of these releases are anamorphic, sorry. Statto Administrator.

Posts: 59, Threads: 1, Joined: Oct Posts: 6, Threads: Joined: Jul Knowing you I suppose it's some hentai thing? Posts: 9, Threads: Joined: Apr Great films. Will have to check the uncensored versions. Roo Stercogburn Posting Freak. Posts: 1, Threads: Joined: Sep Way over the top animations. Saw these years ago. View a Printable Version. Linear Mode. Threaded Mode. Lost Password? Thread Modes Urotsukidoji - the low down.

Then a shot of Caesar again which is also in the UK Version. It is completely uncut. Demon Kogure Ken Yamaguchi. Nagumo spreads her legs and penetrates her. Let's just say things are not as they seem to be, and leave it at that. Will the world survive their final battle? Chronique par Paul "Momotaro" Chapman.

Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji

Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji

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The demon's then pop up on the multiple screen's where they assure him not too worry, but there are a couple of things that he needs to do. When Nikki comes into it though, it has changed.

He eats Nagumo's man chowder and then his demon Fallus grows, the manhood doing his Fallus good, and rejuvenating it to its previous state. Nagumo starts to transform in this scene, his eyes glow blood red, the demon gets scared Nagumo's chest starts to ripple, and a tentacle made of heads bursts out and obviously kills the demon. Cutting back to the trailing of Amano by Sui Kakaju.

Sui ends up impaling Amano, then tells him about how they need another person from the same realm to kill Nagumo, then it cuts to the construction site where Nikki is molesting Akemi. The main deal with this scene is that they have interlaced the scenes together, cutting back and forth. Though they remain largely unchanged, except for a scene where nikki is molesting Akemi with his tongue and demon fallus after Nagumo is supposedly killed. He comes to the realization that Akemi was the only one that was ever nice to her, cue nagumo coming back from the dead scene.

After Kakaju dies, he summons one of his female friends, and then one of his horns falls off and then he dies, this explains what was shoved down Niki's throat after he dies himself. The second episode ends when Amano is sent back in time after he tries entering the protected castle. Episode 3 a normal recap of the previous episodes proceeds the third episode, talking about how nikki and nagumo fell in love with the same girl, how the man-beasts love the overfiend and the demons fear it.

How Nikki sold his soul i never knew a man's soul was his Fallus, strange, i know etc. The episode begins with a rehash of the last scene in episode two, where Amano is sent into the future, then when the episode actually begins, it begins with a literal threesome, Kakaju and two other female's begin to make out, its quite amusing.

For the fact that he wants their bodies, they start to have an orgy of sorts. In the movie version, when Akemi is racing around looking for Nagumo, she passes two people, they are obviously making out because if two bodies are that close in Urotsukidoji, it can only mean one thing, they've got their tongues in each other's mouths and the male has his fingers down her tighty whities.

But in the movie version, they dont show the male fingering the female, in the Perfect Collection, they do. Ala Photoshop! In the proceeding scene where nagumo and akemi are having sex after she coaks him out of the closet could this be some deep symbolegy that he has finally come out of the closet about his alter ego?

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend Video. Jump to: FAQs 3 Spoilers 0. Share this page:. Anime Movies. My Favorite Animated Films. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. Create a list. Support Us. Sign In. In this sequel to Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, the unbelievable sexual violence of the Overfiend and his cohorts from Hell continues to wreak havoc on the earth.

Who can stop this relentless onslaught? Same Director. Urotsukidoji I: Legend of the Overfiend. Legend has it that the human race is not the only dominant civilization living on Earth. Two other races exist in this world: the Makai a demon race and the Juujinkai a half-man, half-beast race.

Once every 3, years, a supreme being known as the "Choujin" Overfiend will emerge and bring balance to all three realms on Earth.

As the Overfiend slumbers, the mad emperor Caesar rises to power, enslaving a new race of demon beasts. Into this cruel existence is born the Lord of Chaos, the Overfiend's nemesis. As the blood-thirsty beasts capture the tyrant's daughter in a brutal coup, the Overfiend must awaken to an apocalyptic battle of the Gods.

It is the age of the Overfiend, and flesh-hungry monsters rule the Earth.

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Background: The Urotsukidoji series is probably one of the classics of the so-called Hentai-Anime genre, i.

These sex scenes are surrounded by a sophisticated and thrilling - one could even say epic - story, that will stir anime-fans' blood. Additionally, Urotsukidoji was created by Toshio Maeda, one of the pioneers of the "animated tentacle sex". All parts of the series even though some of them are up to 25 years old are drawn very well and underline the extreme depiction of action, sex, and violence.

The anime itself consists of several parts and therefore has a sort of TV-series-feeling to it. The original Japanese version also includes hardcore-elements which were already blurred. Regarding these scenes, there doesn't exist any version of Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend worldwide that is completely uncensored. Beside the original OVA version an international movie version does exist. This version is very common too and has been used e. For this version, the producers took the three parts of the original version and cut them together into one movie with English dubbing.

Many sex scenes were cut out completely. The differences do not only concern scenes that were cut out but also some scenes that were altered e. Additionally, the movie version lacks ANY of the hardcore sex scenes' details genitals, breasts, you name it even though they were blurred. Plus they midway through the movie decided to alter the order of the scenes which will be mentioned further during the actual report.

Despite the huge difference in time, many fans rarely refer to it as a censored version but rather call it an alternative version. These additional scenes will be highlighted in this color throughout the report. However, for the UK release the movie was cut even further.

This means that the UK version not only misses out on the scenes of the OVA that were cut out for the international movie version which you will see throughout the report but also on some of the scenes that made exclusively it into the movie version. There will be a separate report for these differences. Surprisingly the movie version of part two is not censored or cut in any way.

It is completely uncut. Therefore, this will be mentioned in a separate article. Conclusion and Buy Recommendation: Among all the different versions the original version e.

Subsequently we see Miss Togami licking Akemi's breasts. Then she slowly moves down to Akemi's pubic area. The following scene - where Akemi tries to pull the tentacle which penetrated her out and then falls backwards - was cut out, too. NOTE: This shot - in comparison to the original version - was already zoomed for the US version; this means that the image section of the US version was narrowed even further.

Then we see how Nagumo forces the nurse to perform oral sex on him. In the end, he climaxes on her face. However, we only see the sperm, the rest of the image is black. Nagumo spreads her legs and penetrates her. He spreads her legs even further. Then we see the woman's face and she again and again says "no".

While he continues to penetrate her we see pink energy beams. Then we see the nurse again - she moans. She screams and twists. Ozaki shouts and her and tells her to be quiet. The first few frames of the following shot of the woman were cut out as well. Ozaki talks to Akemi and says: "Come on, let's see you do it right now.

Touch yourself in front of me. Go ahead Additionally, we don't see Ozaki saying something to her; then he wonderingly looks down to Akemi. She masturbates while Ozaki watches her. Then she pulls her shirt up and touches her breasts. We see Ozaki's face and you can tell that he's aroused. The beginning of the next scene with Kuroko and Megumi - which again is a "Movie Version-Exclusive" was cut out, too.

Kuroko watches the happenings and we cann see that he's aroused. The beginning of the following shot of Megumi was cut out as well. The first few frames of the following shot are missing as well.

Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji

Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji

Uncensored uncut urotsukidoji