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Many people enjoy anal pleasure during solo and shared play, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. This is because the anus is an area of our bodies that's packed with nerve endings and is highly receptive to touch. Anal stimulation has the potential to feel great for anyone with a butthole, but for men and people with a prostate, anal exploration can be especially pleasurable. Yes, it does also feel good for women and vagina-havers. The prostate sometimes called the P-spot is a gland within the sexual organs of a man or someone with a penis.

Male prostate stimulation

Male prostate stimulation

Male prostate stimulation

I inserted the Male prostate stimulation end first and started to massage my prostate lightly. It should also offer easy access to the anus and preferably a couple of other erogenous zones. As it turned out there was not anything wrong Male prostate stimulation my prostate. Mark August 14, Is it better to do this a few days after cumming, instead of had cumming the sitmulation before? Thanks for stopping by! Trending 1.

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Search AskMen Search. Once Male prostate stimulation, rest a moment while you get used to the sensation of having something in your anus. I first started with my fingers, then I moved onto home-made dildos, then Utbe porn started buying real dildos, and buttplugs and other stuff. Getty Images. Takes maybe 20 minutes…. Simply because of the fact that it feels the best! For me it was very quick thrusts aimed at the prostate that did the trick. Adam December 23, I have been having prostate play Noe for about two months and like the guy who commented above I feel extremely aroused and hard after an hour in but just as I feel relaxed and near my body seems to get slightly tense and I lose Male prostate stimulation feeling. My best xtimulation would be srimulation you two to read through some of my blog posts together. Massage the anus using a rhythmic, circular Male prostate stimulation. Having a warm bath or hot shower may help alleviate anxiety about this.

However, this sexually fulfilling experience is seemingly off limits to mainstream, hetrosexual culture due to homophobia and outdated sexual values.

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  • Lots of guys get squirmy when the topic of prostate play comes up.
  • Hold up!
  • The prostate gland is in the middle of the pelvis and produces part of the fluid called seminal fluid that comes out when a man ejaculates.

If having sex with dudes is your thing, it could be a good idea to boldly go where you've probably never gone before: a man's anus. We know, we know—it can be intimidating, and you might not even understand the appeal.

But hear us out: the prostate gland, also referred to as "the P-spot," can feel hella good when stimulated, and heading to his anal region is the only way to get at it. Plus, part of the good-sex equation is exploring it in ways that make everyone involved feel comfortable, but that also incorporate new sensations for totally novel experiences especially true when you're in a long-term relationship.

But as usual when you're experimenting in a new way, there are health and safety issues at hand. Read on for information about why you'd want to stimulate someone's prostate in the first place, and the best and safest way to go about it. It's a walnut-sized gland nestled deep inside the male pelvis, and it helps jack semen up with important nutrients, Mark Hong , M. The prostate is made up of tissue known as stroma, secretory glands that produce semen ingredients, and muscle fibers.

It's located right in front of the bladder—the urethra actually runs through the prostate, which is why prostate issues can negatively affect men's urinary function. The anus and its surrounding area are packed with nerve endings, says Hong.

That's precisely why anal play can feel so amazing whether you're having sex with a man or woman. Hong also notes that the prostate has plenty of blood vessels that swell with increased blood flow as part of the normal sexual response cycle.

Unfortunately, in addition to nerve endings, the anus is also surrounded by stigma. Trying out different sex-related acts doesn't make you dirty, just normal. When it comes to sex, there are two kinds of safety: physical and psychological. Brown-James agrees, saying prostate stimulation "is not something you surprise [men] with—it takes some preparing.

A simple "You know, there's something I've been really excited about trying Next up is physical safety, aka avoiding anal trauma. Although the anus is built to stretch to a certain extent, it doesn't self-lubricate, meaning without proper precautions anal stimulation can cause pain, tearing, or even infection. The first step in preventing that is washing your hands with good old soap and water, per these handy instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After that, you can slip on a latex glove, if you like.

It can protect both of you by making sure you don't transfer any anal bacteria to his penis or your vagina post-prostate action. There are a couple other benefits to gloves: if you have longer nails, they can reduce the chance that your nails will hurt your partner, and they can make any necessary cleanup easier. Here are some anal sex tips that will make it less likely you'll encounter any poop. Encourage your partner to take deep breaths, because a relaxed anal sphincter is a happy anal sphincter and one that's way easier to penetrate.

Also, make sure he's turned on as hell. Not only will that make it better emotionally, it'll increase blood flow to his genital area, likely making it feel better for him physically as well. And just like with female G-spot stimulation , a prostate massage can make a guy feel like he needs to pee, so it can be a good idea for him to empty his bladder beforehand.

You can first access the prostate via the perineum, a spot right in between the testicles and the anus. Basically just test things out and ask what feels good! If you'd like to move on from the perineum and actually enter the anus, lube is essential. Keep in mind that oil-based lubricant eats away at condoms, and silicone-based ones can damage silicone sex toys. But don't use any numbing agents, either with or without lube—pain is there to tell you to stop, says Brown-James.

Once your finger you should probably use your pinky unless he wants something bigger is adequately lubed up, you can try rubbing his anus and the surrounding area, then sliding it in. As someone who's performed thousands of prostate exams, Hong emphasizes the importance of going at a pace that's comfortable for your partner.

Once you've got a finger in and your partner's go-ahead, start moving it upwards in a "come here" motion towards the front of his body, says Brown-James. And if you're using a sex toy, only opt for one that is specifically made for anal play, meaning it has a flared base or other trustworthy retrieval method.

If this is all feeling good to your partner, he may orgasm from the stimulation. Don't be nervous if he climaxes but doesn't actually ejaculate—according to Brown-James, that can happen during prostate play. It's not a health risk, according to Hong, so if it happens, chalk it up as yet another fascinating part of having sex. Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. Spring Challenge. No Guesswork. Newsletter Wellness, Meet Inbox. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Health March 31, By Zahra Barnes. Related Condition Centers Prostate Cancer. Share via facebook dialog. Share via Twitter. Share via Pinterest. I'm intrigued. What exactly is the prostate? MK, but why does stimulating it feel good for guys? So, how do you both stay safe while experimenting with prostate stimulation? All set on the safety front. What now? Keywords Sexual and Reproductive Health , prostate cancer.

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John Rambo August 21, The Lelo Billy is great because she can use it like a dildo. Lay on your back with your butt under a pillow, tilting your hips up for easy access. Afterwards my whole body was so light and I felt unbelievably relaxed. Daniel April 27, You may also like. I like to practice breathing exercises, inhaling deeply, exhaling slowly.

Male prostate stimulation

Male prostate stimulation

Male prostate stimulation

Male prostate stimulation. Intro to Prostate Kit


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Illustration by Brandon Bird. Everyone is constantly talking about butts these days. Everyone is constantly starting articles about how everyone is constantly talking about butts these days.

Both and were declared years of the ass. Butts are in, butts are it, butts probably won't be out for a while. Yet there is a small knob living in the butts of half the world's population, and no one is saying anything about it. Even when Broadly published its own, very thorough article on the rise of pegging —which culminated in the tentative suggestion that might finally be the not-gay sex practice's year—there was no mention of the prostate.

The little buddy is one of the main things that makes trendy, trendy assplay so compelling. As feminism continues its insidious creep into popular culture, men are expected to understand and appreciate the female anatomy and all the ways they can make it have orgasms.

They are learning how big our eggs are, and that is great! However, this means that women will soon be finding ourselves the douchebags in this arena, if we do not do our due diligence. After I thought about it, I realized that my disappointing lack of knowledge about this particular feature of the male anatomy could not be considered fair.

What is a prostate, exactly? Where is it? What natural foodstuff can it be compared to, size-wise? A blueberry? A grape? A cherry? A cherry tomato? A clove of garlic? A head of garlic? A walnut? A chestnut? A tangerine? An apricot? A lime? A kiwi? A plum? What is its point, evolutionarily speaking? Why are some men afraid of unlocking its supposedly boundless pleasure? What does it feel like when someone else messes around with it?

Is it going to get cancer? Will doing tons of sex stop it from getting cancer? I had no idea! I asked around. From a medical dictionary perspective, it's a gland , which is an organ that's primary function is to secrete, and it's located below the bladder, surrounding the urethra. It's partially made out of muscular tissue and partially made out of glandular tissue; what it secretes is seminal fluid, which mixes with the spermies to make the stuff that goes in your hair.

The muscular aspects are what help the prostate propel the seminal fluid into the urethra, to mix with the spermies, to go into your hair. To touch, he says, it feels like "a ripe plum," firm yet slightly squishy. Some people speculate that the intense pleasure of prostate stimulation prove the gland evolved "for" gay sex.

Also, surprise: Women have one, too. This tends to get overshadowed in comparative discussions of anatomy, because people often say the prostate is the "male G-spot. However, this comparison is also engaged in a fallacy, because women have a collection of glandular tissue and ducts around our own long-suffering urethras that is also known as the prostate.

Unfortunately, the female prostate is only really significant because it can get infected or develop cancer. I made a point of telling many men that I was working on a sassy prostate explainer during the writing of this article. A clear divide quickly emerged in their responses. One group, the straights, got a scared look in their eyes and would ask something to the effect of, "Should I be afraid of getting cancer? There is no elegant verb for the experience, but there are many literary ways to describe the sensations it produces.

It's very localized. That's why I said it's like a marble. Unhelpfully, Ryan explained it the opposite way. Pretty fun, huh? Pretty fun, indeed—the dudes love it, as long as you aren't just poking it with your pointy-ass fingers, though some people like that, too. It feels like someone put a marble in a stuffed animal, and you love that stuffed animal. And if I'm doing it to myself or if someone else is doing it to me. In my travels, every city is like, 'Well, you're in Seattle, so there are only bottoms here,' or 'OMG, you're a top?

You can jack off, but someone else doing your prostate is pretty wild. You can also stimulate the prostate indirectly by massaging , with some pressure, the perineum, the body part between the testicles and asshole also known grossly as the "taint.

Or if you pop your knuckles. It's satisfying [but not amazing]. One man, who wished to remain anonymous, agreed: Taint massage is "for wusses who won't take a dick. Men have often used the threat of prostate cancer to coerce women into having sex with them, arguing that, according to science, " men who don't have sex get prostate cancer and die. Luckily, they don't need to have sex to do that! One in 39 sounds like a lot, but the survival rates are very high.

Risk factors include family history, being over the age of 65, and living in certain areas. Weird: According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, men living in rural China have a 2 percent chance of developing prostate cancer, the lowest risk in the world. By comparison, men living in the US have a 17 percent chance of getting the disease, and men who emigrate from Asia to western countries see their risk of developing prostate cancer rise significantly.

Men who live above 40 degrees latitude i. Sugary drinks and "bad carbs" can increase your risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer , studies show. Ultimately, our lack of discussion about the prostate is related to the fact that guys are afraid of going up there. When Glickman was researching his book, "we heard three things over and over again," he said. The second one is that it's going to get messy. The third one is that men receiving anal play makes them gay.

And this fear can defeat the purpose of prostate play. If you can't get past the sphincter because you're too nervous or too tight—that's hard part.

Apr 28 , pm. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Male prostate stimulation

Male prostate stimulation