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When done correctly, regular sex can improve your relationship and sense of wellbeing. Not to mention it feels pretty darn good. But if you're a man who has sex with women, there's one thing you'll need to master before you can achieve the highest levels of sexual pleasure. It's the When it comes to the female reproductive system, things can get complicated fast.

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VCY offers motor yachts, powercats, and sailboats for bareboat charter. Our fleet is exceptionally maintained, and featuring our newest addition — a Hudson 48' Powercat, aptly named the Purra Vida meaning 'Pure Life'. With line of sight navigation and beautiful blue Caribbean waters, this charter destination is unmatched. Join our growing community of yacht owners who enjoy not only chartering but reaping the benefits of owning and chartering their own boats through the British Virgin Islands. Virgin motor yachts lined us up with a great Captain and assisted with all the details in preparation.

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Your pelvis is crucial to a smooth pregnancy and delivery after all, it's got to make way for baby , so treat it well. One way to strengthen your pelvis is to do pelvic tilt exercises regularly. These easy pregnancy exercises strengthen your abs, soothe backaches during pregnancy and labor, improve posture, and ease delivery. Plus, if you're experiencing pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubic dysfunction , strengthening those pelvic muscles is key in helping you cope. After the fourth month of pregnancy, pelvic tilts should be done in a standing position — so get your back against the wall, Mom.

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When I am at home I join a weekly line dancing class. Far from it. I hear the lyrics in my head, as the wheels on the train go round and round:. Can you imagine how difficult it must be to stop a one kilometre train? There has been one stop through the night, at Tarcoola , where the track intersects with the Indian Pacific heading east-west and vice-versa.

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A board the Hudibras in , in the course of a harrowing journey from Africa to America, a popular woman died in slavery. Yet he did note that her passing caused a minor political tumult when the crew herded the other enslaved women below decks before they could see the body of their fallen shipmate consigned to the water. This woman was no alienated isolate to be hurled over the side of the ship without ceremony. The first to die on that particular voyage, the woman was laid out on the deck while the sailors awaited flood tide to heave her overboard. What happened aboard the Hudibras was an uncommon but not unimportant event.