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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Draco needs protection from Voldemort and the only one who can supply it is Sirius. Will Draco be able to look past his hate for Harry and will Sirius be able to look past his contempts for Draco? The young man who kept his appearance in top shape was now a battered rag- doll.

Draco and remus slash fanfiction

Draco didn't want to think about what Mummy had done Draco and remus slash fanfiction punish him, but a small part of him wondered what just what Uncle Remus would do to him if he was really bad. Elash pressed back into the shadows, hugging Tony to his chest as Aunt Cissy turned out the last of the lights and went out onto the front porch. I really didn't catch the last fanfictiom. Where was Snape when you needed him? How do you know Draco and remus slash fanfiction isn't a trap? He raised his head to meet the soleful amber pools of honey of Professor Lupin. Draco sneers.

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I promise Captivity orgasm make sure you're safe. Harry got Draco and remus slash fanfiction and took a look at the list Wash all dishes Mop all floors Dust everything Weed the garden Paint the house Paint the fence Clean out garage Have Dinner ready And I will be checking everything! Warnings, full summary inside. Remus gaped at the platinum band with shimmering emeralds. Conspiracy by Maethoriel Raina reviews After Voldemort's defeat, and in order to keep control of Harry Dumbledore enacts a marriage contract between Harry and Ginny. Neither Harry's Butch mckee nor cousin even looked up at him when he entered the car or noticed the blush in his cheeks or the tears that were threatening to fall down his cheeks. Chapter 37 The thought that two members of the Order would be with him seemed to do very little to put Molly's mind at ease, but it needed to be done. Please just write to me, or I Draco and remus slash fanfiction go crazy in that house again. Uncle Vernon arrived promptly at p. He could hear his Uncle, probably checking his aunt was asleep, across the hall before he heard the locks undone. Chapter 7 8. He nodded her and followed downstairs to where the others were waiting. He never thought his stay there would be cut short. Summary: Draco is kidnapped and Harry has to save him.

Our AU is very differnt from both the books and the movie.

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Summary: Remus tries out a new version of the wolf-bane potion. Severus asks Draco to take notes of the side effects as he is busy with something else. Draco finds his mate as does Remus. Remus sat in his office he had been reappointed as Defense Against the Dark Arts professor this year. Voldemort had been defeated at the beginning of the summer when he attacked the Dursley's. Harry being fifteen still and racked with grief over losing his godfather, merely used a cutting curse to take the Dark Lords head.

Harry also decided that he wanted to take a vacation so he was in Japan learning Asian magic and culture while Albus took care of the media here. And Remus well he decided to take up the teaching position as soon as Albus asked him.

But the reason he is only sitting in his office is because of the full moon which is set to rise in an hour. Having taken the wolf-bane earlier he was going to be safe to be around. Severus had worked the potion so that although Remus still transformed he was safer to be around then with the original wolf-bane potion.

However not all of the side effects had been documented as this was just the second time Remus had taken it and Severus wasn't going to be available. Thinking he heard something Remus walked out of his office and to the defense classroom.

His senses were so acute that he smelt the wizard who decided to do a little late night snooping before he saw him. Opening the class door he saw a blonde bent over his desk shuffling some papers.

Remus decided to let the other know there was some one in the room with them. So he cleared his throat. The other jumped at the noise. Malfoy are you doing here in my class? Draco looked a bit nervous but Remus could barely hear it in his voice. And after that I was going to look for you as Severus told me to take watch over you for the effects that he either didn't note or hadn't shown up the first time. After the class was clear and the door to the room shut tight they waited for the transformation to begin.

During that time Draco asked how Remus had been feeling and if it were any different from his previous transformations in any way. Getting a negative answer Draco made some notes and took off his robes so all he was left in was a pair of slacks and a light shirt. Remus knowing that his clothes would be ruined by the transformation had already shed them and was rapped only in a towel that covered the important bits.

When Draco looked up from his notes he blushed. A pretty pink Remus thought; and then chastised himself for such thoughts about his student. When Remus felt the moons pull he tensed and the towel fell to the floor and Draco got a full view of the man. Draco had always known that this man was beautiful maybe not in the traditional sense of beauty but he had a presence and Draco admired him for it.

He had also known that if ever there was a man that he would let dominate him then Remus Lupin was that man. And he had hoped that Remus would. He had received his veela inheritance a few weeks ago and all he wanted was a mate and as a Twilight Veela he could either become the dominant one in the relationship but he would always wish the other to be the Dom.

When Remus was fully transformed Draco knew why he had always admired him, Remus was an alpha wolf and a Dom. Draco took careful notes throughout the night and when Remus transformed back as well. Draco helped Remus back to his quarters and as he was leaving he decided that Remus would never know if he kissed him. So turning around he made his way back to Remus and lightly pressed his lips to his. What he wasn't expecting was for Remus to ask him what he was doing and then to invite him into the bed next to the tired werewolf.

Remus was surprised when he felt Draco's lips on his. However he wasn't going to let the little veela get away. If Draco felt the need to kiss him that could only mean one thing. He wanted Remus as his mate. No veela would ever kiss someone on the lips if that person wasn't a potential mate as it could harm their inner balance. So Remus asked the young veela into his bed and when Draco climbed in Remus pulled him close. The two drifted to sleep thinking of what the morning would bring for them.

He felt warm very warm and protected like the person would always protect them and never let him go. Draco was a little disoriented that was for sure but after he opened his eyes he knew where he was immediately. As he turned toward his bed mate Draco hoped that today his dreams were going to come true. Remus was hoping that Draco would wake soon because he could hear a warm bath calling his name.

When his soon to be mate rolled over their eyes locked and Remus thought he forgot his name and even how to breathe. Smiling to reassure the smaller male Remus gave him a kiss and rolled them both out of the bed. Remus carried Draco into the bathroom for a hot bath to calm down his tense and sore muscles from last night. The first few moments were a little awkward for Draco as he got used to being in his birthday suit around his potential mate.

Remus however made things easier to handle and Draco knew then that he had made the right choice in deciding his mate. After the bath the ordered breakfast and as today was Saturday neither were expected by anyone. Over the meal they discussed various things classes, living arrangements, which one tops etc, etc, etc. The glances exchanged left no one guessing this was going to be done soon.

The remains of breakfast were taken away and the door guardian wasn't to let anyone in for anything for the rest of the day. Making his way back to the bedroom Draco decided to give his love a little show. He untied the bathrobe he was dressed in slowly and allowed it to slip open so Remus received a full view of the small Adonis. Remus watched Draco from the bed but when the blonde stopped two feet away Remus stood up and approached the smaller male.

Lifting Draco's head so he could see his eyes Remus asked the veela if he was okay and for a reply Draco kissed him.

Turning them slowly so that Draco's back was to the bed Remus walked until Draco's legs were pressed to the bedside. Breaking the kiss Remus pushed the robe from Draco's shoulders and took his off as well.

Giving the blonde a few moments to have a look see, Remus kissed him again and lowered them slowly to the bed. Also go easy this is the first time I've ever written something like this. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. A series of unrelated One-shots about Remus and Draco. The Werewolf and the Veela Summary: Remus tries out a new version of the wolf-bane potion.

Remus knew immediately who the other was. It was Draco Malfoy, Severus' apprentice. Full Moon 2. Astonomy Tower 3. Just a Dance 4. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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We had to keep you before but now you're going to earn your keep. Terms of Service. As he began kicking him, he said "I will not have a lazy murderer in my house! Luc hid a laugh. Despite his protests, the fox adopts Severus.

Draco and remus slash fanfiction

Draco and remus slash fanfiction

Draco and remus slash fanfiction

Draco and remus slash fanfiction

Draco and remus slash fanfiction

Draco and remus slash fanfiction.

Ron turned to him as they left the train. I mean Voldemort is gone. Why can't you come and stay with us at the Burrow for the summer? Hermione nodded. I mean no one would look in the muggle world. Harry wished he had answers. He assures me when the runaway death eaters are caught, Remus will get me. You know they're fools. They actually seem to believe the Malfoys are on our side. Hermione elbowed him in the ribs. He fought on our side at the ministry".

Harry nodded. Molly Weasley had spotted them coming off the train. I hope the last few weeks went fine". Harry turned around to see his godfather and launched himself into his arms. I thought I had to go to the Dursleys. Harry knew he meant it but he knew he couldn't get his hopes up. Please just write to me, or I will go crazy in that house again. I promise we'll make sure you're safe. Arthur clapped him on the back.

Harry wished he could stay in the comfort of their reassurance but they were already moving towards the barrier and the reality of life hit him like the brick wall that they passed through, when he saw his Uncle and Aunt waiting for him.

As per usual his Uncle was red in the face and in a foul mood. Remus hugged him one last time. Just hold on for me cub. Harry pushed his trolley towards his relatives. His Uncle snorted and led him towards the car where he could see Dudley playing a video game in the back seat.

His Aunt went and took the passenger seat and Harry clambered around to put his things in the trunk but before he could close it his Uncle grabbed him. We had to keep you before but now you're going to earn your keep. Now get your ass in the car. Neither Harry's Aunt nor cousin even looked up at him when he entered the car or noticed the blush in his cheeks or the tears that were threatening to fall down his cheeks. When they got home his Uncle locked his trunk under the cupboard and ordered him to his room.

Just as he was about to slam the door in his nephew's face he said. Harry watched in terror as the door slammed close and locked, tears streaming down his cheeks. Remus Lupin rolled over on the silk sheets to look up into the face of his lover, his fingers running through the long hair.

They had been together over a decade but now his lover's wife had died, and he had come out as the spy he was, they no longer had to hide it. He looked up at his mate's steel grey eyes. You know what they'll do to him if he stays there all summer. You have Cornelius wrapped around your little finger. Lucius smiled down at his lover.

Remus nibbled on his neck. Luc hid a laugh. Nothing he assumed would have prepared him for what happened next as Lucius removed a box from under his pillow. Remus gaped at the platinum band with shimmering emeralds. What about Draco, I mean his mother just died, what will he say? Lucius kissed him. You have been in his life since he was a toddler. Remus and Lucius had begun dating a few years after James died and Sirius went to prison. He was the one who helped Lucius become a spy, forced to become a death eater by his family like Severus had been, and desperate to get out.

Now his lover wanted to marry him and tell the world. I just want to marry you and be happy for once. Remus felt his heart pounding against his chest. Yes, of course. I have wanted to marry you for a decade. Lucius slipped the ring on his hand. Lucius' chuckle was cut off by a deep moan in his throat as Remus went to work on him.

He would have helped Remus get Harry even if Remus has said no but he had enjoyed teasing Remus. Harry and Draco were becoming friends and if they adopted Harry, the four of them would be a family. He had come to respect the young man and seeing his heroism, he could see himself growing to love the boy like his own son.

Harry had sat on his bed for hours looking out the window, desperately wishing that the clock would stop ticking. He had been slapped around and starved by his Uncle but he knew this was going to be worse. His Uncle's words were burning his ears. He spent the day doing the only thing he could as he didn't even have his books in the room, listening to the voices downstairs.

He could hear the TV, the sounds of the meals, the sounds he had feared all day came as he heard his cousin and then his Aunt coming up the stairs to bed. Then the heavy footfall about 10 minutes later. He could hear his Uncle, probably checking his aunt was asleep, across the hall before he heard the locks undone. Harry knew he meant it as he watched his Uncle removing his belt.

Harry was gay and though he had dated a few guys over the last year, he had never gone this far or seen another penis. His Uncle pushed his large meaty penis into Harry's mouth, deeper and deeper. Harry closed his eyes trying to keep the tears at bay as his Uncle pumped into him. Harry just begged it would end soon.

His Uncle's panting was growing deeper and deeper and suddenly he groaned as he filled his nephew with his semen. His Uncle drew him up to his feet and he hung his head in shame as his Uncle unbuckled his trousers and pushed his trousers and boxers free so that Harry stood naked but an old t-shirt over his flesh.

His Uncle forced him down on the mattress. The bed groaned as his Uncle lay down next to him and as the huge lips descended on his and forced open his mouth, the hand pinched his nipples and moved down his chest. I can see why now. I can only imagine some of the things they're doing to Draco in that house. Harry nodded and looked around the room at the faces of his friends and adopted family, stopping on the faces of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

I'm going to save him and you're either with me or against me. His best friends looked at each other and Ron sighed. Remus looked at Sirius and then at the boy that reminded him so much of his dead best friend. Through thick and thin, we've got your back. Molly Weasley shook her head. You're only 15, you shouldn't be going on a rescue mission like this. That should be left to the adults. We made the Order of the Phoenix to protect and help people right?

Harry resisted the urge to roll his eyes. I think I can handle this. If you're against me, that's fine, but I won't allow anyone to stop me. Any ideas? The thought that two members of the Order would be with him seemed to do very little to put Molly's mind at ease, but it needed to be done.

They were going to use the Polyjuice Potion in order to get in. Snape was taking precautionary measures to make sure their look alikes didn't come in and ruin the plan while they were inside. Severus warned them that Belllatrix Lestrange would be at the gate, so if they fooled her then they were golden as long as the Dark Lord didn't show his snakey face. He nodded her and followed downstairs to where the others were waiting.

He looked around at his companions for the evening and smirked. And with a blink of the eye, they were gone. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy is being held prisoner in his own home. It's up to Harry to save him. Slash in future chapters, mainly DracoHarry. Summary: Draco is kidnapped and Harry has to save him. Chapter 1 "Is everyone in this place completely incompetant? Please and thank you! Chapter 1 2.

The Wolf's Dragon Pup, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Disclaimer: I'm not blonde. I'm not British. I'm not white. Or rich. Hence, I'm not JKR, and none of this is mine. But has Harry already done the dirty, so to say? And with whom exactly? And is that Lucius Malfoy fainting? Author's Note: Yay! Another story. A slash. My first attempt EVAR! Just a note: Sirius and Remus survived beyond the battle. But other than that, no one else. Harry Potter grunts into his coffee cup.

So he has decided to come downstairs early and make himself some dark coffee to wipe away the sleepiness. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin's cheerful faces aren't helping the cause. Harry waits for him to elaborate. When that doesn't happen, he turns to his godfather: Sirius too, is fidgeting and glancing at Remus nervously. And before, with the war and everything I know. And no, I haven't told anyone. He is referring of course, to the very intimate scene of Sirius consoling Remus over Tonks' death.

Nothing indecent, oh no. Sirius would never be so insensitive as to jump on Remus right then. And now, three months later they are playing the same game Ron and Hermione had been playing for years: Ignore ignore ignore.

Deny deny deny. Harry finds the whole thing ridiculously amusing. Ron had been with him that day when Harry and Ron went up to their dormitories for well needed sleep; he had promised to keep quite about it. But he had said he would tell Hermione. As far as Harry knows, him, Ron, and Hermione are the only ones. But he needn't panic Sirius and Remus with that information. Remus' eyes widen exponentially and Sirius decides the crack in the corner of the ceiling is fascinating.

Harry can't help but laugh. Remus nods, not exactly looking at Harry, but not looking away entirely like Sirius. He does, however, look exponentially out of his depth.

It takes all of his willpower not to say, 'Thanks, Captain Obvious. Even if it's a bit Sirius cleares his throat deliberately. Right, yeah, we did. And you might, you know, wanad'smngswipl," Sirius finishes, mumbling incoherently.

Sirius mumbles something again, his face flushed. Harry looks at Remus questioningly only to find the werewolf as red as-well, a Weasley. God, why would you-that's not-". Look, I get it, alright. All the birds and bees and He finally settles on "crap. You don't have to tell me.

Harry begins backing away from them as though they are a pair of explosives. I can live without that mortification, thanks. Besides, you're a bit late, alright? Remus and Sirius looks like Harry has smacked them with one of the tomes Hermione read for 'just a bit of a light reading. Shit shit shit. Bloody buggering fucking shit. He should not have said that. He should have kept quiet like a good little boy and ran for it at the first sign of discomfort. Like when Sirius started turning that interesting shade of red.

He can still book it. And lock his door. And ward it for extra measures. And never ever show his face to the two men who were the closest he will ever get to a father. Improper English isn't likely to deter the Animagus. He would make a fine sparrow- easy to hide and fly away. How long would the process take, he wonders.

Would it be possible in the next ten seconds? Or maybe he can take a Shrinking Solution and Sirius will never find him. Where was Snape when you needed him? Harry's face feels like it's on fire; he is sure he has surpassed red and gone on to a purple worthy of Uncle Vernon. Or about the word hard. The images rush past him; standing in front of the Room of Requirement, the thrown curses, the yelling, the attempt at punching, soft, soft blonde hair tickling his cheek as he snarls something irrelevant, the flushed faces, the blood rushing to other body parts.

Harry bites down on his lip harshly and clenches his hands, trying desperately to will the thoughts away. Harry opens his eyes- and when had he closed them anyhow? A renewed flush creeps over his face. I'll just Harry groans. This, he knows, is worse than any Cruciatus Voldemort could have cursed him with. Much, much worse. Sirius no longer looks like a godfather just giving The Talk. Harry doesn't trust that glint. In fact, it makes him want to run screaming from the room. Harry wonders whether the Sorting Hat hadn't made a mistake not putting Sirius in Slytherin like the rest of his family.

He wonders how they will react when they found out just how much he has been keeping from them. I've just fucked. Kaythanksbye, Harry. Sirius gives his bark like laugh. Was it a certain red head? I bet it was.

Not the part about red heads. Harry will be the first to admit Ginny is gorgeous, but ever since the war, and Fred, and They want different things- like the same type of equipment in their bed partners. And lots and lots of angry sex. Unbidden to his mind, an image of a bed in a fully repaired Room of Requirement flashes by. A bed occupied by a boy- man, really- with exquisite pale skin.

Sometimes, he wonders whether staying in Hogwarts to repair the castle had been a good idea. Would things have been different had he not remained at the wrecked castle? And what, pray tell, will he do now that he was back in his godfather's house, without a certain Slytherin someone?

Remus seems to have a thoughtful expression. It is worse than Sirius' glint.

Draco and remus slash fanfiction

Draco and remus slash fanfiction