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By Carly Stern For Dailymail. Some doctors lack a good bedside manner. And others, it seems, should be leaving the medical profession entirely. Time to find a new MD! Yet quite a few Redditors shared stories of their doctors saying things that left them feeling confused and wishing to clam their legs close together.

Pretend doctor sexy physical exam stories

Pretend doctor sexy physical exam stories

Full Code. Did the company that owned the hospital even have this money or did they spend it on yacht parties? My case woke him up from sleep. Resend activation link. I looked once. So then they gave him a cup and asked him for a semen sample. I had been loved and supported by so many people, and I had grown into who Storiws was today because of my family, my friends, and every single person I that had met along the path of life for these three very sweet decades. Pretend doctor sexy physical exam stories gave me some medicines to have for 10 days hoping to begin my period. I've had four female doctors in my life.

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I sat in the doctor's waiting Pretend doctor sexy physical exam stories a half hour when the nurse came to get me. The Fertility Exam An interesting fertility Bikini prty girls by a female doctor. Jim's Insurance Exam Jim's wife watches as he endures an embarrassing physical. A Special Treatment for Karen A lady seeks treatment for problems with body functions. Older Post Home. The Examiner Pt. Touched Ch. Doctor Dimitri Pt. The EMT Ch. She told me to Pretend doctor sexy physical exam stories my pants off, lay down on the table and spread my legs a bit. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. My face filled up with blood I was so embarrassed, and of course she knew.

It was inevitable— Hahnemann University Hospital was going to close, and so was our Emergency Medicine program.

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By Carly Stern For Dailymail. Some doctors lack a good bedside manner. And others, it seems, should be leaving the medical profession entirely. Time to find a new MD! Yet quite a few Redditors shared stories of their doctors saying things that left them feeling confused and wishing to clam their legs close together.

One recalled a doctor doing a pap smear who said 'woah! Another had an MD who said, 'And there's that pretty pink cervix! One woman told a story about a nurse, not a doctor, whose inappropriate behavior was also likely in violation of HIPPA's privacy provisions. While in the parking lot for a follow-up appointment about a new pregnancy, she received a call from her doctor's office.

Furious and distraught, the woman insisted on getting her blood drawn — after which she learned that she was not, in fact, miscarrying at all. Even if you aren't meaning harm, it's still not OK,' the woman added. One woman said that when she was 15 and getting her throat swabbed by a male doctor, the MD commented on the fact that she had lost her gag reflex.

There were some stories of doctors who really crossed a line. She smiles slightly, and continues on with the rest of the physical like nothing happened,' he recalled. Many patients said they had doctors who were dismissive of their issues, writing off symptoms as being no big deal — when, later, they turned out to require surgery or some other major medical intervention.

But while incompetence is bad, it can be worse when a doctor ignores his or her promise to 'first, do no harm. After confirming the leg was broken via X-Ray, the Reddit user explained that the doctor then told the residents: 'An old but reliable method for diagnosing a broken leg is to place a hand on the ankle, a hand on the knee, and place your knee in the center then pretend like you're trying to break a stick.

If they yell, their leg is broken. I haven't been back to him since. People also shared upsetting stories about rude doctors, like one who told a woman to 'get a grip' when she began crying upon learning her husband had cancer in his bladder, colon, lymph nodes, and prostate. I can't really help. They're the fat ones. I'm one of them, fat and bipolar,' she said. Another was told by a psychiatrist: 'Well, you're sitting here talking and smiling, you can't be THAT depressed.

Scroll down for video. When I was 15 my doctor told me that losing my gag reflex would be useful for 'certain adult activities'. Share this article Share. She flicked the head of my penis down with her finger, then smiled and continued like nothing happened. Share or comment on this article: Inappropriate things doctors have said to Reddit patients e-mail 5. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Blac Chyna puts 'family first' as she takes Dream Kardashian and King Cairo to the pumpkin patch with Tyga's aunt Blac Chyna's personal relationships have a habit of grabbing the headlines.

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Eric's Screening Pt. I felt humiliated standing there, naked at the mercy of these two women. Jim's Group Physical High school boys are forced to have a physical exam. The nurse immediately noticed my erect penis, and did not take her eyes off of it as she followed the doctor's instructions and prepared the enema. Hands on Procedure The day's first patient.

Pretend doctor sexy physical exam stories

Pretend doctor sexy physical exam stories

Pretend doctor sexy physical exam stories

Pretend doctor sexy physical exam stories. Sex Stories, Erotic Stories, Porn Stories, XNXX Stories, Adult Stories, XXX Stories

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Arcadia Castle Ch. Playing Dress-Ups Ch. Hands on Procedure The day's first patient. The Dept. Recruitment Medical Examination Faye needs to pass a humiliating medical exam. One cousin, Leslie, was a few years older than I and very pretty. My other was her brother, a bit younger than me.

Leslie knew how important it was for me to get on the team and she said something about passing the physical exam. I told her that at my old school we had plenty of phys-ed and I exercised a lot and would have no trouble passing a fitness test.

She said it wasn't that kind of exam but a doctor's exam. This made me very nervous and I was always pestering her with questions about it. What would the doctor do? I hadn't been to a doctor in a long time and had heard all sorts of BS stories from school chums.

What would it be like and what should I know to pass it? One day her friend came over and they said they'd conduct the exam for me as her friend's sister was a nurse and she knew all about such stuff. Her friend was Stacy. Stacy would be the doctor and Leslie would be the nurse. Leslie tells me to take of all my clothes and stand at attention. I did without hesitation. She leaves and says the doctor will be right in. I'm waiting and waiting and I now I figure I was hoodwinked by them and they played a good trick on me.

I put on my clothes and open the door and they're still in the next room. Stacy has a bag out with a bunch of doctor's tools and they're cleaning everything with alcohol. They yell at me to get back in the room and wait as that's all part of the exam. The doctor wants to test your patience. I go back and take off all my clothes and stand at attention.

Finally Leslie comes back in and starts taking my pulse, and blood pressure. Then Stacy comes in too and does a bunch of prodding and poking. So now I have to lay down and Leslie is holding my butt cheeks apart and Stacy takes my temperature.

She then tells me to relax and she puts a finger up my butt. I just remember thinking I needed to pee and then my dick got hard. They have me stand again and Leslie sees my dick and starts smiling, Stacy tells her to be professional about it.

At that age once I got a boner it wasn't going to go down again for anything. I learned when I was younger to just tuck it against my stomach and let my pants keep it tight. Stacy says this sometimes happens to males and she knows what to do as she watched her sister, the nurse, 'take care of things.

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FAQ Calendar. Men: Your rectal exams: Ever had a lady doctor do it? And I mean in the actual doctor's office, not 'playing doctor' somewhere else. The discomfort of having the opposite sex do your sexual exams came up in another thread, and now I want to know if straight men have had problems with women doctors doing their prostate exams. Or if gay men prefer them. Or if anyone really gives a shit, since once you've got something up your bum in a doctor's office, you're not likely there for fun!

I was going to make this a pole thread Ok lost train of thought. Last edited by Taomist; at PM. My current Primary Care Physician is a woman, as was her predecessor. About twenty years now. I couldn't care less about the gender of any medical professional. Smaller fingers.

I'm just sayin' 3. I've had four female doctors in my life. Physicals are pretty impersonal. Also, if I'm going to allow somebody to handle my nether parts, I'd rather it was a woman that a man. One of the doctors who was also a friend held up her finger and told me "if this is the largest thing you ever have stuck up there, consider yourself lucky.

I've had both a rectal exam and a sigmoidoscopy done by a female doctor. It never occurred to me that gender mattered, only my health. Mr Downtown. Of course. Why would that matter? I've never had a rectal exam but once I did wish for a male doctor, it was when I had orchitis and my right testicle was swollen up to the size of a small eggplant. She was unbelievably rough without warning she squeezed a horribly swollen painful testicle?!?

Never did figure it out cultures showed nothing and they speculated it could be viral , turned out I had dengue at the time without knowing it so one doctor said it could have been that. No, but I don't think it would bother me.

A friend is my doctor and his wife is a Nurse Practitioner in the same office. The last time I was sick, I saw her as she was available and he wasn't she gave me a shot in the butt. That is the closest I have come to being "groped" by a female doctor. When she stuck her finger up my ass, I was a bit uncomfortable. When she stuck her hand up my ass, I started wondering.

When stuck her foot up my ass, I was dumbstruck. Originally Posted by TreacherousCretin. Originally Posted by Muffin. Originally Posted by Trinopus. My doc is a lady, and we both pretend, in a wonderfully Victorian fashion, that nothing whatever is going on back there.

I've got no real preference for variety of doc, but no fingers have ever been up my butt The Second Stone. Never had a male doctor do one. I actually prefer a lady doctor to do the unpleasant deed, I guess because only women ever have their hands on my nether regions outside the medical realm. I think I've had someone's fingers up my ass about four times altogether, always by a doctor and only once by a female one.

I've had rectal and genital things performed by female doctors and nurses. They were always professional and didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. I'd have no issues doing it again. You just have to remember how many arses and dicks they've seen in their line of work. They're immune to it now. I've only ever had 3 rectal exams. Two by female docs, 1 by a male doc. The only time it ever bothered me was my first exam at 15 when I was signing up for the wrestling team and needed a complete physical.

The doc was a very beautiful woman with a very nice chest area, and back then darn near anything gave me an erection. I thought I was going to burst into flame I was blushing so hard. She acted like nothing was wrong though, did the whole turn your head and cough bit, and it was over. The next time it was no big deal, just a routine exam. I don't remember the one done by the male doctor, as I was delirious with pain at the time.

I loved that doctor, but she was not photogenic. The jolly factor was less than 0. Originally Posted by Mr. Dave Barry had an article where he talked about going to a Dr. Edwina Scissorhands for his exam. I can never get that image out of my mind. I had an anal fissure about 10 years ago, and the specialist my then-primary sent me to was an attractive woman. When she did her exam, she had two assistants- one female and one male- back there with her.

I will say it was a strange experience to have an attractive woman, with whom I was not having any romantic relationship, lube up a finger and slide it up my ass. These days, my primary is a guy, and we know each other socially- we see each other a couple times a year at neighborhood cocktail parties, and such- and it's a little weirder. Only because of the social aspect. Originally Posted by kombatminipig. Note: I wrestle myself, and I couldn't care less if my opponent is gay or female or both.

Larry Mudd. I don't think gender plays a significant role in how uncomfortable that is. When my doctor was a woman, yes. Find all posts by RealityChuck. Funny story about a guy I knew who went to a female doctor who gave him a digital rectal exam.

She says, "You are very tense. Is that because I'm a woman? Nars Glinley. Yes, and I greatly preferred the woman doctor over Dr. Gorilla Fingers that I'm currently using. Always by a woman Dr. My first prostate exam was performed by a doctor who was ' female apparently about sixteen years old at least ten and a half months pregnant. Yes, I know she is used to it. I'm not, dammit. Handupthebutt has hair in his ears. Regards, Shodan Originally Posted by Bumbazine. Last edited by Tamerlane; at AM.

God, I wish. I work with a group of men who teach the rectal exam to medical and nursing students, so that they know how to perform the exam without hurting their patients.

We have all experienced hundreds of these painless exams, that take about 10 seconds.

Pretend doctor sexy physical exam stories