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At first there were warnings and high caution about the situation. Remember that happened when you read the culture clash topic below! This is because it contradicts with the Islamic teaching Islam being the national religion of Malaysia. Would be similar case for Indonesia too. Anthropomorphism is very much a Western concept passed on to this part of the world.

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In addition to poverty and the ineffectiveness of many policies in the nation, Bangladesh has one of the highest school dropout rate in the world. Students leave school to work therefore increasing the labor force in factories and trafficking of all kinds. Bangladesh has ratified 7 of the 8 fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organisation, which include the effective abolition of child labor. These clauses prohibit all forms of work that may harm the health, safety, or morality of a minor and sets the minimum age for working in developing countries at 14 years. These measures, however, are not always respected by the nation, according to annual reports of the Organisation ILO,

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