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The Throop Funeral Home of Ravenna is locally owned and operated and has been serving the Ravenna and Muskegon areas since We consider it a privilege to continue serving the families of the surrounding area in years to come. Our goal is to provide personalized service, high quality merchandise and a professional and caring staff to the families that we serve. Our mission is to facilitate meaningful experiences to honor and celebrate each life, to fulfill the requests of our families, to be devoted to the care of our community and to maintain the highest measure of professional, ethical and moral standards in the care of our families. We trust that you will find this site to be informative and beneficial to your needs and we are always here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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While we often dress up as celebrities for Halloween , celebrities themselves are inspired by popular culture, classic films, and even their kids' favorite cartoons for their outfits. Kristen Bell was even convinced to honor her iconic film Frozen after her daughters begged her! Every year, celebrities outdo themselves: Some have dressed as music and movie icons, while others have even imitated their own family members. If you're in a couple or group , or you're going solo this year, we can guarantee you'll get inspiration from these stars' wild Halloween ideas. The award-winning actress looked exactly like Stacey Dash's iconic character in the hit film Clueless.

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When I dip my apple in honey this Rosh Hashanah, I will remember the wild, raw, unbridled sexual energy of the bees—and I will think about Jewish sex. I sneaked out of Middlebury Hebrew Language School to visit the apiary—as a reprieve from five hours of Hebrew class and three hours of homework a day, no English allowed. I saw the laws of niddah , the laws around sexual abstinence, and a call, no longer heard collectively, to infuse God and the divine into sexual engagement. Religious groups for centuries have looked to the bees, in particular, to learn about channeling and bridling desire. Monastic groups often kept bees—cohesive mass producers—as reminders and teachers of how to redirect unused sexual energy.