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Illustrations by Tim Banks. Open House, July 16 Featuring live music from Bluesbox 50 and nude redneck olympics. Melting Man, Aug. Nudestock, Sep. There was a time in my life when being naked was normal.

First nudism story time

First nudism story time

First nudism story time

First nudism story time

View author's info Posted on Jul 03, at AM my first nude experience was at the age First nudism story time 15,iwas at home i had just had a shower nudisj realised i had left my clean pants and my towelon the airer in the First nudism story time where my mum and my 18 year old sister where watching tv. Moaning around my cock, my daughter sucked it faster Teen menstrual products faster as she massaged my balls gently. Two weeks before my 6th birthday I was belly-down on Grammy's spotless kitchen floor, paper and crayons spread as wide as my arms could reach, when she asked my mother's permission to buy me a pet. You don't have to get undressed or change or anything. She folded them up and put them back in her bag.

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It was gorgeous. Story Home. Pubic hair seems to be out Hairy onk oussy fashion among First nudism story time men and women, and as I parade along nuidsm shore I feel distinctively out of place. Besides, First nudism story time your spouse what they think of your body. Log in Sign Up. Penny Saved A homeless woman is help by a gentleman with a kind heart. July 6, July 7, 2 Comments. There even is a nude hiking day each year: t he Summer Solstice, June Post Your True Sex Story. And I did this only wearing a hat and my sandals. My husband was surprised at how much he enjoyed it.

Whether you are a first time nudist, or have only been naked alone in the shower, your first nude social scene can be quite intimidating.

  • And you and your spouse want to try something new.
  • I was first introduced to nudism, by my husband, Jay.

They want to know if we were nervous? What concerns we had prior to dropping her swim suits and what we thought afterwards. This is actually our first blog post. I thought I would share it again and add a few thoughts too.

In , me and my then girlfriend now wife first ventured on to a clothing optional beach. Why go against everything our parents had every told us about the importance of covering up, wearing a bathing suit and never revealing too much skin. We were both years old and while we were free spirits, we had never done anything like this before.

So we found our spot on the beach, laid out our towels and looked at each other… it was the moment of truth. I pulled off my t-shirt and then as if in slow motion, pulled down my swim suit and watched it hit the ground. My girlfriend made a nervous laugh and said I was looking a little cold too.

My manhood and I were both cold and shy at that moment. It was not your typical sunny and degree California day. While the sun was shining, it was windy and chilly. I no longer had any fears about getting physically excited. My girlfriend sat down on her towel and then untied her black bikini top and carefully pulled off her bottoms. She folded them up and put them back in her bag. Even naked she is as tidy as ever.

There we were. For the first time. We lasted about an hour before we agreed the cold wind was too much to take, especially when you had only a towel to keep warm.

The few women I saw reminded me of ex-hippies who while naked and fine with it, looked like blobs of silly putty sitting in the sun. Care free and happy but the men, they were a different story. By far the men were in much better shape and many walked by our sandy outpost to see the two of us with our blinding tan lines. While far from a perfect day, we both agreed the experience had been thrilling and the feeling of sunshine all over our bodies was amazing.

Why had we thought this was wrong? When we had gotten over our sense of fear and anxiety, we found we felt great and that it was an amazing experience for us as a couple.

While not sexual, it was intimate. Besides, how could gay, naked men lying in the sun be wrong? That was nearly 20 years ago. What started as a fun hour or later on an afternoon, has turned into days and weeks for us on vacation and often with all of our clothing stored in carry-on luggage. Simply put, some of these destinations are wonderful to visit.

So again, why a blog about nude travel? When we started visiting clothing optional destinations, there was often very little information to guide us.

We literally got hurt many times walking down trails that doubled as mud slides to reach beautiful secluded beaches where we could get an all-over tan with other likeminded people. Our last trip to Hidden Beach Resort had many young 30s couples.

So are my wife and I nudists? I guess so. Although naturists applies better to us. We enjoy bonding with the environment around us without clothing. So are we normal? We live in the midwest in a nice suburb surrounded by friends and family who know nothing about where we travel or why.

We are parents and business people. We are active in our community. We are very normal and probably very boring to many people out there.

We only recently started going to a local nudist club so we could lay out and enjoy the sun and take a cool relaxing dip in the pool when we had some free time. Just visitors. The list is long: Tahiti, Cancun, Tulum, St.

Nudity does not mean sex or foreplay or touching. A big misconception. Especially on a clothing optional beach or nudist club or property. We have a lot to share. We will share with you the naked truth about being naked. Enjoy the ride. And let us know what questions you have. If any of these images were shared on reddit. To my knowledge, none of the images are copyright protected. However, please let me know otherwise. Appreciated the information about nude beaches and resorts.

And the attitude in which you approached the topic of nudity. It was real and down to earth. Nothing vulgar or sketchy. Lovely new blog!

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That means I will have to sit face up with what I got showing OR get burned badly on my back. All I was wearing was sandals and a smile, just like everyone around me too. Well I decided a cold adult beverage was in order. BDN : Nice tits, pretty face. Sand no. I'd usually swim in the indoor pool at night, and then every morning I'd head down to the outdoor pool to swim and sunbathe! I'm still not sure quite what to make of Cap D'Agde; whether to write it off as the capital of seedy sexual perversion, or to praise it as a bastion of freedom and tolerance.

First nudism story time

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Nudist Family Tradition – Erotic and sex stories

It's been a while since my first time nudist experience, but I keep discovering new first time experiences as a nudist. I recently went to my first nudist wedding! The bride and groom didn't consider themselves nudists, but wanted to have a transformative experience as they became wed. I began to realize that what they were really asking was wether it was ok for them to get nude too.

We suggested that they go hit the walking trail and get nude once they were out of sight. When they made it back, they could decide if they wanted to stay nude or get attired again. A few even stayed after and finally bared it all, even the grooms parents, who had stayed fully dressed through service decided to take a skinny dip.

She not only committed to coming back at a less conspicuous time, but asked if she could take a hike along the trails before she left. I have been a home nudist for years and finally decided to go visit a nudist resort. I found Rock Haven and emailed Susie. She is so nice and makes you feel comfortable visiting.

I went to the office, paid the fee which is very reasonable, drove to the parking lot and stripped off my clothes. The feeling is so liberating and comfortable. I walked around the grounds and spent some time talking with the guests and Susie in the office. I had reservations at first as this was the first full nude experience in public but I found the nicest people there. Being nude and not being judged makes you feel stronger about your body.

This was the first time but hopefully not the last time I will go to a nudist resort. If you are considering it, and traveling in Tennessee, go visit. It's wonderful! I wish I could remember when I first decided to try a nude vacation. I'd never really been comfortable with my own nudity. I ended up going to a resort a few hours away in Idaho. I was made to feel welcome right away and was given a complete tour inside and out.

After getting settled into my room, I got undressed and took a quick shower. I still had things to bring in from my car, so it was time to open the door and step out into the hallway nude for the first time. I was nervous, but it was also such an awesome feeling! I was really doing it! When I was about halfway down the stairs I looked down and saw a few other guests sitting in the lobby. Amazingly, when they saw me, no one pointed or stared, and the world didn't stop turning!

Such an amazing experience!! After bringing some things from my car, I decided to go for a hike. One of the main reasons I chose this resort is because the property is ringed with miles of hiking trails.

Hiking nude out in the open was such an exhilarating feeling! I vividly remember the feeling of air moving all around my body. You definitely miss out on that when you're covered in clothes. I loved hiking in the evenings, but the morning hikes were fun as well. It always felt so exhilarating to get out of bed at 6am and then head out into the cool morning air for a 2-hour nude hike.

The resort has two swimming pools. I'd usually swim in the indoor pool at night, and then every morning I'd head down to the outdoor pool to swim and sunbathe! It felt a little unusual tanning nude on a crowded pool deck, but once I was stretched out on my beach towel and had some music streaming through my ear buds, I'd usually forget I was naked within a few minutes. To be honest, I really looked forward to swimming and sunbathing nude.

In the end, I spent four days wearing nothing but a baseball cap, sunglasses and my nipple piercings. I went by myself my first time, but imagine being a mom and dad with a bunch of kids and not having to deal with mountains of luggage, clothes strewn all over the room or soaking wet swimsuits drip-drying in the bathroom. There's also very little you have to do between activities. If you're in your room and you want to go for a quick swim, you just walk down to the pool nude and get in the water.

You don't have to get undressed or change or anything. So simple, easy and stress-free! That's how a vacation should be! I hope my experience encourages you to try a nude vacation for yourself. I was intrigued by the thought of this place but thought "no way no how". Sounds like a deal, right? So I joke with my wife that I was going to go as she was always busy on Sunday's anyway.

I got the "oh yea, right" because she knows that I am a very heavy guy and don't like taking even my shirt off. She also applies that as to why I don't like going to the beach. The real reason is that I hate sand in my shorts.

So after several weeks of this teasing and laughing I went for it. I went in to the lobby shaking, nervous as all get out. Several people walked by as I was paying and had minimal or no clothes on. I thought "that's cool, I wonder if I can be like that". Got my card and went to the pool deck and all these naked men and women were walking around smiling and laughing and seemed to be having a great time.

I got to a spot in the back row and whipped off my shirt, slid down my shorts and practically dove onto the chair. I reached into my bag and got the sunscreen out and applied it liberally to my whitest spots. I have a lot of surface area to cover in other regions and could not get my back, doh!

That means I will have to sit face up with what I got showing OR get burned badly on my back. No matter the choice, it was not going to be a good outcome.

Well I decided a cold adult beverage was in order. I got my card and just walked quickly as I could a few feet, then back to get my shoes as I am a tenderfoot. I walked past a woman sitting there shading her eyes and she said with a smile "that pavement gets hot doesn't it". Really odd, she did not seem to care that I was so heavy and not tanned, just a smile. I got in line for my beer and a man turns around and starts talking about the heat and the band that was playing and then his wife comes up and we introduce ourselves.

They didn't seem to care either about how heavy I was. We just made conversation like we were in line at a ballpark or something, except I usually don't talk to people in line at the ballpark. I had my drink and once I finished it I bee lined for the pool. Nice cool pool with lots of people in it and again, no one really cared how fat I was.

Everyone was SO nice and I loved the freedom. My wife was not pleased that I had gone and did not understand why I did this. I recently went back and had a zen time again. I made up my mind to come out of the closet nude to my wife. She was not a fan, but after a bit of talking she realized that I enjoyed the non-judgement and she did agree that if it makes me feel good about myself then that is what mattered.

I'll be back again soon with her blessing, unfortunately not with her, but that's okay, no judging! Me and my girlfriend went to Sunset beach Jamaica with on our friend on day pass as we all worked on a cruise ship. The beach had clothing optional area. My girl friend being from Europe asked me to accompany her but i never been nude in public, was shy specially with other friend who was a girl also.

I went with my girl friend to the clothing optional beach and she knew I was shy we went to the very end of the beach. There were few other people nude already there enjoying. As soon as we put our bags my girl friend started to remove her bathing suit and was completely naked. On other hand I was still shy and sitting with my short. Soon the employee can to me asking to shed off my clothes and respect others or else go back to textile end of the beach.

My girl friend said to me just do it no is watching you so i slowly removed my pants and there i was completely naked in nature not alone. But still shy i just sat down and relaxed my self. I stood up and walk towards water with my girl friend still covering me up from others.

Once in water i started to enjoy the freedom without clothes. As we were in water there was a young couple approached towards the place we were and thats it. I had to get out naked in front of them.

My girl friend actually told them this was my first time and they all told me its ok we are all fine and my first moment came where i was naked in front of strangers other than my girl friend showing my private body and they all acted like nothing happened. After that we chatted to each other and were having fun.

I even walk on the beach and i i w comfortable on my first experience. My gf asked then to get a drink from bar which was on the line between clothing and textile beach.

I made effort and got us drinks.

First nudism story time

First nudism story time

First nudism story time