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Alyssa rang the doorbell and waited nervously. Jason opened the door and grinned. In fact, she was scared. She had finally agreed to let Jason hypnotize her. The thought of him controlling her mind as well as her body terrified her.

Erotic superheroine

I agree to GotPorn. Her body was amazing. He licked his lips. Incredible really. Alyssa thought Erotic superheroine but there was a small part of her that was wary. Beg for your Master to Erotic superheroine you a real fucking Alyssa. And as long as you kept me fighting, I was unable to use hypnotic patter to hypnotize. Jason was hard again.

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Whatever the case, erotic superheroine fastasy appeals to men who fantasize about making love with a superheroine as opposed to, say, a Playboy centerfold, an actress or a pop music star.

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Erotic superheroine

Erotic superheroine

Erotic superheroine

Erotic superheroine

Erotic superheroine. Live Cam Models - Online Now

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Alyssa rang the doorbell and waited nervously. Jason opened the door and grinned. In fact, she was scared. She had finally agreed to let Jason hypnotize her. The thought of him controlling her mind as well as her body terrified her. When they played bdsm games she could stop it at anytime she liked with the safeword. Jason assured her that she could still do the same thing, even hypnotized.

Alyssa had her doubts but they had been seeing one another for months and Jason had never harmed her or refused to stop when Alyssa said the safeword.

But would he be so understanding once she was under his hypnotic control? Alyssa thought so but there was a small part of her that was wary.

But she was curious and Jason had been patient, earning her trust, so she decided she would give it a go this ONE time to see how it felt. Alyssa stood in the living room and shivered, even though the house was warm. She jumped when Jason came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. No harm will come to you. Would you like something to drink?

She wanted only to get this over with. Jason turned her around and kissed her, softly, gently. Alyssa kissed him back and relaxed. Jason pulls away and looks her deeply into her eyes while tracing her lips with his thumb. He looked at her slumbering form and his cock was hard enough to cut diamond. He licked his lips. Alyssa was magnificent! Her body was amazing. Jason never got tired of looking at her, touching her, fucking her. And now here she was, just as he had imagined having her. This would be a great deal of fun.

But first Jason needed relief, so he could concentrate. Alyssa, you are very deeply hypnotized. You are under my control. Do you understand Alyssa? You are my slave. You will obey me instantly and without hesitation, when I give you a command. When you obey me slave you receive pleasure. Go ahead Alyssa and cum now as your reward for being such a good slave. Alyssa sits up and stands then gets on her knees. Jason is yet again grateful for his practice of sexual yoga or the sight of the sexy teen on her knees would make him spurt instantly.

Jason is a bit disappointed. He liked nothing better than a long slow blowjob. However they were on the clock. So Jason grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. He groans as he splashes her mouth with his cum. Jason breathes a sigh of relief. He felt much better and would be able to concentrate on the task hand. When she obeys Jason orders her to undress. When she obeys, Jason lets out a low whistle at a sight he never tired of.

Jason watches his slave undress then takes off his own clothes. He commands her to lie on the couch and he takes the time to slowly glide his hands over her body. Jason was hard again. He considered just fucking her but he knew he had to take her through a scenario as he did so to show her the wonders of erotic hypnosis.

Otherwise, she might be decide not to do it again, no matter how incredible the tranced sex was. He sits beside the prone form of his slave and leaning over begins whispering in her ear She fully intended to bring him to justice.

Quantum Amazon was on an all out mission on this one. She had never personally met Nefarious, but his reputation preceded him. He had mental powers, including telepathy so powerful he could control the minds of others. He was physically stronger and faster than ordinary humans, but compared to her, he was the proverbial 98 pound weakling. Plus this was personal. She knew that Nefarious enjoyed raping heroines he defeated which was why the entire superhero community was on a rampage to get him.

Even other supervillians wanted to take him down because of the heat his actions brought on them. It was an unwritten rule: Keep your hands off superheroines sexually.

Sure, beat them up, defeat and humiliate them, even kill them, that was part of the job. But rape was considered beyond the pale. Quantum Amazon had been as sickened as the rest of the superheoes and wanted Nefarious head on a platter. But she had always been preoccupied with other missions and never had occasion to go after him herself and the one time the Champion Society, the supergroup she belonged to, had fought him, she was off on a deep space mission. Nefarious would fall She had dropped everything else to focus on Nefarious.

Quantum Amazon came to a massive steel door guarded by two stone griffins. She went to smash the door but the griffins came alive and attacked her! Caught by suprprise, the Amazon is battered savagely. She gets ahold of herself and pushes back one griffin back and immediately hits it with her quantum fire vision. The griffin becomes molten rock. She then approaches the door and tears through it as if it were tin foil.

There, sitting calmly behind a desk is Quentin Nefarious. I just want to beat you within an inch of your life and send you to prison, if thats okay with you. Did this bastard actually think he had a choice? Its an easy enough thing for me to affect the minds of others.

Do you know that the brain is the largest sexual organ? Its true. Trust me, Ultrachic is just acting. They all do. They only cry rape because they have reps to maintain. Because if they were all honest, they would sell their souls to be fucked by me again. Quantum Amazon, infuriated, takes the desk and tosses it aside and it smashes against the wall.

Nefarious looks at the damage and sighs. She is frozen in place like a statue. Surely you knew about my telepathic talent. I see. Just a bit of disinformation I spread. You are one sexy slut Quantum Amazon! You know, thats a really stupid name. Lets see And I keep that secret for later use. Now, enough with the chatter. Time to take care of that sexy ass of yours. Nefarious laughs! That includes your super powers. Now on your knees. Alyssa is shocked when she obeys. She watches in horror as Nefarious makes his clothes disappear.

Erotic superheroine

Erotic superheroine

Erotic superheroine