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Lyman gpr platinum nipple

Lyman gpr platinum nipple

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Performed nicely considering this is one of the first loads i have tried. The grain loads are really painful to shoot, so I used to download it to 90 grains, which is still plenty to get to yards. Don't know about the burn Lyman gpr platinum nipple vs BP, but vs other subs Butt plug enema story are using less powder for equal loads I really enjoy shooting this Pedersoli Frontier rifle in. Using Lyman gpr platinum nipple grain sabot I've shot 5 deer past yards with the longest being and it was a drt. I recycled the stock, lock and barrel of an old hawken rifle and used them for this build. Then I lost interest. Thread: Nipple Flash hole diameter? Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.

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A flattened anvil on the top of a nipple is not LLyman. Yeah I like the GPR as well. Express Rifles and Big Bores Only. Another big problem is my wife. Inspect the item, return it for same day refund if not delighted. She's never gotten along with crescent butts, so that's another plus for her. Second Amendment. Powered by UBB. Sounds like a good load to start Lyman gpr platinum nipple. There are may factory nipples that Innocent naturists. You can also simply fire it a few hundred times to wear it Lymann. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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Remember Me? Nipple Flash hole diameter? Thread: Nipple Flash hole diameter? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I have a number of used and new nipples and checked them all today for for flash hole diameter.

I got a wide range of diameters and that got me to wondering. How much difference does the hole size make and assuming they only get larger with time if they do at all , when should they be retired and replaced? Chill Wills. Excessive hole size will negatively affect groups. There are may factory nipples that measure. I just drop in fresh Ampco npples every season and save the old ones for emergencies. I just ordered some how long do they last and what kind of bullets do you use?

Originally Posted by idahoron. What are you guys using to measure these holes? I have a set of "wire gauges" and they start a few thousands and go up. They were expensive as hell and I bought them to measure the hole size in Weber carb jets as they get larger over time too.

There are some posts that show the flame coming out of different nipples with different percussion caps and hole diameters. The big issue is the velocity of the flame on percussion rifles with a powder barrel since the flame has to turn 90 degrees to get to the powder. I would suggest trying different ones to see which shoots best in YOUR rifle since picking one that last year's champion uses may make your rifle shoot like a stinker! As for a source of the wire gauges, try to find a local place that sells machine tools such as taps, measuring equipment but NOT Lowes or Home Depot.

Last edited by oldracer; at AM. Reason: add info. Since the barrel's usually strong enough to contain the pressure, the pressure can only go 2 ways - towards the open muzzle pushing the projectile ahead of it and rearward towards the only other escape vent - the ignition channel. There are usually 2 signs of an eroded nipple yes Nimrod, powder does erode flash holes larger - reduced accuracy and the hammer being blown back to half-cock. YMMV, of course. Experience is a wonderful thing - It lets you recognize a mistake, when you make it again.

However, hobby outlets, e. One of those bits and a micrometer or dial indicating caliper will tell you what you need to know.

It was a nice warm day and I was not warring a long sleeve shirt. Got my arm under the rifle and touched it off and notice my arm seemed to be on fire. Didn't know about nipple hole size and apparently this one had been shot a lot. If you want a self cocking gun just go with a large hole in the nipple. Now I have tried to make nipple when I was much younger and it seemed the hardest stainless I could find was in the exhaust valve of a modern engine.

Try to drill a small hole in one of those and you go back to buying a nipple. The reason for going with Stainless is the same reason that stainless can not be cut with a cutting torch. There was also the time I was standing to the right of a flint lock shooter in competition. I was just lining up on the target when I heard this crackling sound in my ear and felt the burn.

New rule on the range, flinters had to say they were shooing a flint lock before pulling the trigger. A large flash hole in a flint lock can be faster but you don't want to standing in line with that hole. Not inexpensive but they last. The hole diameter is smaller than I can check with the smallest numbered drill in my 60 set.

As said, numbers 61 to 80 can be had but I have no use for them at this time. Ask flintlock shooters about how hole sizes effect their groups. A Heppsworth Platinum nipple It does not list the orifice size. Last edited by Chill Wills; at AM. Mike, Dick Hoff and Kenn Heismann did a lot of experimenting with nipple size and they came up with.

You can get a set of welders torch tip cleaners for checking hole sizes. Dick did a lot of experimenting with different nipple metals and some of the stainless holds up really well, others not so much.

He was disappointed in the platinum lined nipples after he had to pick a liner out of his forehead. He got with a rocket engineer from GE jet engine division that he shot with and they came up with a new design and resistant metals. The ones that have been tried are lasting between and shots before they go south.

I have one in my Gibbs that has to rounds through it with no wear so far. The sound of Freedom! Bob, That is good info you write. I have not opened the link yet. I will check that out later. My son and I are just getting out the door to do some fishing.

Things have changed so that I can shoot the Oak Ridge match again so I will be hopefully using up nipples again as a result. In a good way, this thread morphed from hunting rifle nipples to high pressure LRML nipples.

I will be talking to Rick Weber soon, is he still making lined nipples? My last ones are from Joe so you know that has been a few years ago. Originally Posted by Chill Wills. Do not want to get off topic ,but does anyone venture a guess on erosion on a Magspark using primers as it is a closed system?

I have been using them since on several rifles including one built by Roger and so far I have not seen any issues. I am not sure if I will be able to see a difference on paper with this hunting rifle or not but I am sure going to give it a try at 50y and y. I used to shoot the 54 Maxi-ball in the slow twist barrel 1 in 60 and it shot very well. Just this summer I fitted a Lyman "hunter" replacement barrel with the faster twist to the rifle. It might be a 32 twist but maybe a 48". I better check but it does not mater.

It is what it is. The nipple that came with the hunter barrel measured about 0. I have been getting three inch groups at yds in this new barrel which is about all I need and expect of a ML hunting rifle, but it maybe interesting to see if a smaller nipple orifice changes anything. If for nothing else, I may get them to use as hole pin gauges. If I never drill a hole with them that will be Okay.

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No compromise. I was thinking about purchasing one in 54 Cal as my first Blackpowder rifle. That is good way to get hurt very bad. I can tell by the sadness in your eyes, that you never quite learned the song. Now locate the same size bolt in bins, but longer. The GPR is a great gun.

Lyman gpr platinum nipple

Lyman gpr platinum nipple

Lyman gpr platinum nipple

Lyman gpr platinum nipple. Nipple Flash hole diameter ?


Nipple Flash hole diameter ?

We're sorry, midwayusa. Learn how you can enable Javascript. Eligible for. High-quality Lyman accessories for your muzzleloader. Replacement nipples for Lyman percussion firearms. Sized for 11 percussion caps and threaded 6mm x Lyman and some other percussion firearms that are not made in the US use this 6mm thread. One Time Offers have limited quantities available and usually once they are sold out, they are not offered again.

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Lyman gpr platinum nipple

Lyman gpr platinum nipple

Lyman gpr platinum nipple