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Author's Note: Alright! Here is the first chapter I promised. I would love to have reader input but please do not leave flames. Constructive criticism and requests are welcome! Enough blathering, on with the story!

Kagome bikini

Kagome bikini

Kagome bikini

Kagome bikini

Kagome bikini

I never wanted I need That seemingly gentle hand offered up to her so freely, could very well slice her happy little head from her shoulders. Never in all his centuries had he been witness to such a sight. She wasn't normally one to show off her body. He pulled the final string loose with the blunt ends of his front teeth, and tossed the top Kagoome Kagome bikini shore, before sliding the foamy cloth bikni her smooth back, then up her sides, before reaching around to roll her pert Kgaome. I just wanted to check in before I go and get a bath. In Kagome bikini water, looking at her with smoldering honey eyes, was the demon himself. Wondering if her teasing circles were having any affect on her demon lover, Kagome looked up, and met his eyes.

Holland brass works. The Bikini Experiment

So quit bugging me about it, would ya? Kagome bikini began to sing softly to herself, Kagome bikini his ears were attuned to her voice. She was dazed but she couldn't deny her disappointment at the absence of his lips. She also takes his advice in any trouble, such as when dealing with unknown demons and trying to find their weak spots, whenever Inuyasha transforms to a demon, and anything related to spiritual power. He had never heard anything like it before. Since her childhood, Kagome has quite a strong and close daughter-mother relationship with her mother and always asks her for advice if needed. While the majority of his mind was occupied by male pride, the lesser part recognized that she had asked a question and formulated a response. He could Tracy pestow withhold his beast's desire to rip apart those strings and see the treasures hidden from him. It was said by Kagome's grandfather that when the time comes, the correct wish must be made to the jewel in order for it to be destroyed. Soon, Kagome is eighteen years old and was able to return to the feudal era as it was thanks to her strong desire to see Inuyasha again that the well finally connected once again. They were about to run into the water Kagome bikini Kagome yelled, "Wait! Grid View List View. This made it very easy to convince him to give them a day off. Intrigued by his ear, Kagome tugged on them curiously, only to be ambushed by a group of suspicious villagers. I am certainly willing to oblige' he thought to himself.

Kagome fussed in front of the mirror, turning this way and that.

  • I decided to write this little okay huge oneshot because I'm on vacation.
  • Kagome fussed in front of the mirror, turning this way and that.

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Oh how I wish there would of been an episode where Kagome was in a swimsuit. Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. She's so beautiful. She's so hot and sexy! I love Kagome! Besides, it's been a very long time since I last watched "InuYasha".

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In the beginning of the series they had been enemies, but later on becomes allies of sorts. The jewel intended to use Kagome and Naraku just like it did Midoriko and Magatsuhi in order to maintain its existence. Usually if she had caught them like this, hurt would show in her eyes and he would be able to smell the slight salt of her forming tears; but he smelled no salt and could detect no despair in her aura. He glanced around at the group eating before him and decided to make an announcement. My name's Kagome!

Kagome bikini

Kagome bikini

Kagome bikini

Kagome bikini. The Bikini Experiment

I decided to write this little okay huge oneshot because I'm on vacation. What does an island vacation mean to me? The beach! So here goes… 0. Lucky for him and not so much for us , I do not own Inuyasha or any of its characters. He hated the beach. The potent brine of the sea assaulted his delicate sense of smell and the miniscule grains of sand always seemed to find their way into his long hair.

Under normal circumstances, he would never think to go to such a place, but Rin had wanted to. It was her birthday today; Or rather, the anniversary of the day he had revived her with Tenseiga. The child followed him unflinchingly and rarely asked for anything so as not to burden him.

To that effect he had decided to grant her one wish. As he watched the waves crash at the shore before retreating again and sending their strong scent across the beach, he could not help but regret his decision a bit.

However, as he looked at the girl chasing seagulls and laughing merrily, he decided to quell his personal feelings for the time being. He was getting uncomfortably warm in his armor and kimono, so he decided to take both off; though he kept his hakama and still held his swords at his side. He figured that there was nothing around that was powerful enough to require his armor.

He retired to the shade of a tree where the sand met the forest floor. There he watched his ward continue to chase the seagulls as his vassal, Jaken, shouted his displeasure to deaf ears. Two hours of swimming and chasing followed and things had started to calm down somewhat. He continued his silent vigil as Rin attempted to make a sand replication of his castle in the western lands.

He also noted the scents of the miko, slayer, kit, and monk that always seemed to travel with the half-breed. Outwardly of course he showed none of these emotions. Not wanting to ruin Rin's day, he decided to let things play out as it were. Minutes later, the hanyou's traveling party came within sight as they walked along the stretch of beach.

Inuyasha was dressed in his usual bright red clothing, but the monk, the slayer, and the miko were all in odd garments he had never seen before. The monk was dressed in short pants that cut off just past his knees and something similar to those strange tops the girl often wore; it had short sleeves and looked to be made of cotton.

The slayer wore a simple tunic dress that covered the outline of a peculiar one piece undergarment. The miko was clad in a similar dress to the slayer, but did not have the same odd outline. He watched silently; the inu in him curious as to why they were dressed in such a manner. Once the group arrived at the shore, he masked his scent and aura.

Rin and Jaken were asleep, so he left them alone in favor of seeing what would occur next. His eyes widened marginally, which for him meant complete and utter shock. They were taking off their clothes! All of them except for his half-brother, that is. The monk removed the short sleeved top and the girls pulled their dresses over their heads.

The strange outline from underneath the slayers dress appeared to be some sort of one piece underclothing. However, when his eyes slid over to the miko he nearly choked. She was barely wearing anything! The triangular pieces of cloth held together precariously with bits of string left nothing to the imagination. He had lain with women before, so the mere sight of her should not have been enough to faze him. In fact, he should have been disgusted by her lack of modesty.

Yet, as he beheld the smooth curves of her body, he found himself entranced. The pieces of cloth she wore were a wicked torment; they showed just enough to entice him, and withheld just enough to make it unbearable. He could not withhold his beast's desire to rip apart those strings and see the treasures hidden from him. Things only got worse when she entered the water. He could not believe he was feeling something akin to desire for the insignificant ningen onna. He continued to fight a losing battle with his beast in the hopes that this useless feeling would depart quickly.

He knew it was a fruitless task when he watched the water drip down her body, leaving glistening trails behind. He wanted the miko. Kagome was absolutely giddy with excitement! They were going to go to the beach, so she went home to get some supplies. She brought a pair of her dads swim trunks and a t-shirt for Miroku.

She had so many cute little bikinis that she wanted to take for her and Sango, but she also brought a one piece suit, keeping in mind the modesty of the feudal era. As expected, when she had shown the demon slayer the different bikinis, the woman paled. Miroku, upon seeing the bikinis, was sorely disappointed that he wouldn't get to see Sango's curves.

When he said as much, he earned himself a red palm print painted on his cheek. When everyone but Inuyasha, who had "keh'd" when asked if he would like a pair of trunks as well, was changed, they all headed for the beach. Inuyasha grumbled the whole way about the trip and how we "Shouldn't be wasting our time at the damn beach, when that bastard Naraku is still running around! After that he calmed down a bit, but he still didn't hesitate to voice his displeasure when the opportunity arose.

As they neared the beach, Kagome got excited. The water looked beautiful; free as it was from modern day pollution.

The steady breeze picked up a little, carrying with it the smells of the sand and sea. It relaxed her. There was something about the way the waves rolled into the shore, and the tiny grains of sand gave way beneath your feet. With the feeling of the sun on her face, she smiled genuinely for the first time in weeks.

It was simply wonderful! When they finally arrived at the shore, they started to take off everything but their swimsuits. Miroku looked good in the trunks, and the one piece hugged Sango's curves every bit as much as the tight body suit she always wore. Miroku sprung a nose bleed as he ogled her, which earned him another decisive slap across the face; though she would never admit it, the slayer was secretly pleased at the attention he paid her.

However, when she revealed her suit, even Inuyasha's eyes widened considerably and his mouth was slack as he took in what she was wearing; or rather what she wasn't wearing. She had chosen a midnight blue bikini that seemed to bring out the darker blue in her eyes, while at the same time calling attention to the curves she had.

Lately Inuyasha seemed to never waste an opportunity to tell her all the ways Kikyo was better than her. It had caused her to have a slight inferiority complex about herself. When she put on this particular bikini, however, she felt a confidence she had not known in quite a while. She enjoyed watching Inuyasha flounder for the words to speak.

Not allowing him the chance to break her recently re-discovered confidence, she turned away from him and led Sango to the surf. Confusion turned to shock as kagome sent a handful of water at the slayer.

However, shock quickly changed to mirth as the woman caught onto Kagome's game. They spent the next ten minutes in all out splash warfare. Finally they both fell down in the surf, laughing and catching their breath. In the midst of their quest to defeat Naraku and gather the jewel shards, they had forgotten how to be normal people who laughed and had fun. Kagome had wanted this trip in order to help them remind themselves that they could still have a good time.

As she stood back up and helped Sango to her feet, she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. She spread out her aura to see if anyone besides their group was near.

Sensing nothing, she put the feeling aside as paranoia. They continued to laugh and play as the day wore on. She had just finished helping Shippou build a sand castle, when the feeling of eyes on her came back with force.

She glanced around, and that is when an overly energetic Rin bowled into her with an excited squeal. Rin did not know you were here, or Rin would have come to play sooner! Kagome was surprised to say the least. I've told you not to run off! It is an inconvenience to Sesshomaru-sama! There was only one creature that could squawk like that, and that was Sesshomaru's retainer Jaken. She groaned internally. While she adored Rin, she had a hard time feeling happy in her adoptive father's presence.

Sure enough, Jaken came into view, still shouting at Rin, with Sesshomaru walking a little ways behind. That was when she got a good look at Sesshomaru. Her jaw fell open and she made an audible snort of disbelief. He was not wearing his usual full war regalia. In fact, he was not wearing anything but his hakama, and loosely at that.

He was a stunning specimen of male if she did say so herself. He was not scrawny, but neither was he bulky with overdeveloped muscles. He was lean with toned biceps, triceps, and every other "-eps" there were. As he walked she could see the subtle ripple of his perfectly chiseled abdomen. She also noted the sinful "v" of his hip bones and the delicious way the hakama were hanging off of them.

Magenta stripes that matched the ones on his cheek also ran along his delicate wrists and wrapped around his narrow waist. He's not that hot… hell, who am I kidding, he's gorgeous ' she sighed as she inwardly admitted defeat to herself.

After she stopped drooling at him in her mind, she began to wonder why he was here and why she didn't sense such a powerful aura earlier. That was when she noticed that Inuyasha had Tetsusaiga drawn and was growling steadily. Apparently he was just as upset that he didn't sense his brother on the beach sooner. This bastard's always causing trouble for us" he said, with resentment deep in his tone.

Rin chose that moment to let out an excited shriek. Everyone present turned to see what was going on and what they saw was equal parts cute and strange. Shippou had transformed into a giant pink balloon and was bouncing Rin up and down as she giggled and squealed in delight. Realizing the attention that they were receiving, Shippou quickly transformed back into his normal self and placed Rin on the ground with a deep red blush.

You don't really seem like the fun in the sun type" she said, turning back to the shirtless god while trying to keep the drool in her mouth and the lust off her face. His beast preened at the way the object of his attentions was looking at him. Though she was trying desperately to hide it, he could see desire in her clear blue eyes and he noted the telltale shift in her scent that further indicated her arousal. Ningens either smelled of filth or a potent combination of oils and perfumes.

It was nauseating to say the least. However, she smelled clean; she smelled of Sakura blossoms and a soft spring wind. It was a pleasant scent and he couldn't help but wonder what it would smell like if it was mixed with his own scent. He put aside those thoughts in favor of taking in the heady scent of her arousal. When she became like this, it added a note of citrus to the sakura blossom and wind combination.

While the majority of his mind was occupied by male pride, the lesser part recognized that she had asked a question and formulated a response. As he faced her again, he noticed the faint look of surprise that flickered across her features. Whatever answer she had expected from him, this clearly was not it.

She did not respond verbally to his statement, however, she simply continued to look at his face as if searching for something. He arched one perfectly sculpted eyebrow as he waited for her to say something. It was then that she seemed to realize that she had been staring at him for the past few minutes. He nearly growled as he imagined what else he could do to make her blush like that.

His imagination really got out of hand when she began to chew on her soft bottom lip nervously with those dull ningen teeth. Oh, what he wanted to do with that perfectly luscious mouth; what he would give to hear his name being cried out from those lips as he gave her pleasure. As these thoughts passed through his mind, he fought desperately for control of his features. He would not allow his perfect self control to be broken down by this little miko, no matter how desirable she was.

He allowed a smirk to settle on his lips as she fidgeted under his stare. I totally forgot that everybody was here' she thought frantically. He never did finish that sentence, because as soon as he had gotten that much out Kagome had screeched, "SIT! Inuyasha was now at the bottom of a very deep hole that she had created, using his face. His voice was rich and deep, like melted chocolate or the amber of his eyes. He was laughing. Sesshomaru the ice prince was actually laughing. She felt like she could listen to the musical timbre of his laugh forever, but when he himself realized the attention he was receiving, his face closed off and his emotionless mask was in place once again.

She was not the only one staring at him in shock. As soon as he had made the sound, he had the attention of everyone with the exception of Inuyasha, who was still on the ground. Miroku broke the silence first saying, "Did what I think just happened, really happen? Kagome herself was still trying to remember how her brain worked. Who knew, eh? This is the best birthday ever! The day wore on with much playing, laughing, and yes, even a little flirting until the last rays of sun dipped below the horizon in a brief explosion of amber and gold.

The two groups decided to camp on the beach together. This was met with many protests from a certain hanyou and toad demon, but at the pleading of Rin and Shippou, both traveling parties set up camp. After a fire was lit and the sleeping arrangements were made, they all settled down for the night. Shippou curled up in her lap as he usually did, but this time Rin was with him.

She usually sang Shippou to sleep before putting him to bed. This was because when they found him, he had lost his parents and often had nightmares about it. The nightmares were gone now, but it was still a habit for her to sing to him. This of course caused Rin to look at her with huge awed eyes as she waited for kagome to begin.

All of a sudden she was nervous. What if she didn't live up to the little girl's expectations? Then she looked at Shippou, who smiled at her so sweetly that she was reminded of why she had started doing it in the first place. Situating them so that they were both lying with their heads in her lap, she began to sing in a sweet and clear voice:.

She ended her song and looked at the two sleeping faces before her. Carefully, she moved them off of her lap and onto their beds. After giving each a kiss above their brow, she finally laid down herself. When she began to sing, he immediately was pulled into consciousness. He became utterly entranced by her. He had never heard anything like it before. However, her voice was as clear as water from a fresh spring and as sweet and smooth as warm honey. Listening to her felt like taking a warm bath; it was soothing and one could not help but relax.

When she stopped, he was sorely disappointed. He kept his ears open in the hopes that she would start to sing again, but sadly she did not. He heard her carry the two children and put them to bed, and after giving each a kiss, she laid down as well. He listened to her heartbeat and the sound of her even breaths as she started to fall deeper into sleep.

He wondered if it was at all possible for someone to change their heart completely in one day. It certainly seemed as if he did. The miko made him laugh, made him lust, and made it completely impossible to him focus because the majority of his brain could not stop thinking about her.

And it all started with that damned "bikini" as she termed it. When he heard movement, he woke at once. He sniffed t the air and realized that it was Kagome.

With the way the moon was positioned, he could tell that it was about two hours before dawn. He was curious as to why she would be awake at this time, when he heard her leave camp. He waited until she would no longer be able to hear him get up, and then moved to follow her. As he watched her from the shadows of the trees, he was surprised to find her standing in the surf.

The wind blew quietly through her hair as if it was the caress of a lover, and on it he could smell her lovely scent. She began to sing softly to herself, and his ears were attuned to her voice. In the last light of the full moon, she looked like an unearthly creature.

The pale moonbeams illuminated her skin and made her hair shine with its darkness. He found himself pulled to her as she sang her siren song.

Without her noticing, he came and wrapped his arms around her. Why would Sesshomaru be holding her, and did he whisper something like that to her? It had to be a joke, or some sort of ploy to get her to react so he could tease her later.

But as she felt his hot breath blowing softly on her neck, she was feeling very willing to let this joke play out. She turned to face him with question in her eyes and gasped as his mouth crushed hers in a searing kiss. Her mind went blank as he set fire to her body through his lips. He pulled away and looked into her eyes. She was dazed but she couldn't deny her disappointment at the absence of his lips.

As he looked at her he said, "I desire you Kagome. This Sesshomaru will not take you by force, for that is beneath me, however I will not let you go easily. This Sesshomaru will have what he wants. She tasted divine. He ran his tongue across her lips, trying to entice her to deepen the kiss. When she gasped, he took the opportunity to enter her mouth. He growled in pleasure as she tentatively explored his fangs with her tongue. He took her bottom lip between his teeth and tugged with just enough force to avoid drawing blood.

When her arousal spiked he smirked in sadistic satisfaction. I am certainly willing to oblige' he thought to himself. He allowed her a moment to catch her breath as he kissed along her jaw line and up towards her ear. He proceeded to lick the shell of her delicate little ear, biting the lobe lightly and enjoying the cute pants and moans leaving the lips of the miko tucked in his arms.

He ran his tongue on the underside of hers and she sighed into his mouth, sending that deliciously intoxicating scent straight to his brain. He faintly recognized the lightening of the sky as they kissed, but paid it no mind.

He focused on what drew out those sexy little moans and continued to do them. He noticed that she particularly liked it when he would scrape his claws lightly down her sensitive back; and also the way he played with her tongue by licking and sucking it in her mouth. His eyes were tinged red with the desire she brought from within him, and he had no intentions of stopping with just a few kisses.

He broke their kiss for a second time, but was nowhere close to finished. He let his fangs graze lightly over her neck before he continued a downward trail of nips and licks. He was past her collarbone and oh so close to tasting those perfect breasts when two small projectiles launched into him from the side. I would love to have reader input but please do not leave flames. Constructive criticism and requests are welcome! Enough blathering, on with the story!

They had taken a break from shard hunting to go swimming. It was a hot summer day and they were exhausted, even InuYasha. This made it very easy to convince him to give them a day off.

They were about to run into the water when Kagome yelled, "Wait! You guys don't want to soak do you? I was suggesting we wear bathing suits!

I brought on for each of you. Miroku just looked disappointed as InuYasha dragged him away by the collar of his robes. He really wanted to change with the girls. Now that they're gone I need to talk you about a little plan I've been hatching.

Author's Note: The second chapter is already written I just need to type it up. What shenanigans do you think the girls have planned? Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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Kagome bikini

Kagome bikini

Kagome bikini