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The Playlist Staff. While coitus, rumpy, intercourse, balling, humping, beast-with-two-back-making does feature in some shape or form with extreme frequency in cinema, it only rarely forms the central, wait for it, thrust of the story, likely partly because distributors especially in the U. Starring, for the third time on this list, that kinkster James Spader , along with Holly Hunter, Deborah Unger, Rosanna Arquette and Elias Koteas , the film is really remarkable, though for the cerebral sterility of its execution as, once again, body-horror expert Cronenberg manages to engage the brain and turn the stomach while bypassing the heart entirely. And spare a thought for poor, unbelievably beautiful Iman , who, on this evidence, should have restricted her acting career to the odd Tia Maria commercial. For all its kinks, this film follows the basic romantic formula of two people who have to overcome obstacles to be together.

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The full extent of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's links to London were revealed today after an Evening Standard investigation. It has emerged that the deposed leader's first granddaughter was born in an expensive private hospital in the capital last year despite recent claims that his son Gamal no longer lives here. Gamal, 47, who was groomed as his father's eventual successor, has attempted to play down his connection to London after rumours circulated that he had escaped here from Egypt with his family at the height of the civil unrest. He is believed to have instructed his British housekeeper to tell reporters he had sold the six-floor Georgian mansion years ago and no longer has anything to do with the property. It is not known whether Gamal is currently at the house but family friends have told the Standard that his wife Khadiga is living at a secret address in the capital with her daughter.