Daddy jz pimp-All Jay-Z Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best

I know, making observations is being a hater. The air must be thin as hell up there on that high horse you sittin on. Somebody please let me know…WTF up wit shawty? Talking about how we want our people to rise. We are humbled and are very clear on our responsibility to our people!

Daddy jz pimp

Daddy jz pimp

Daddy jz pimp

TGH The quintessential Jay and Kanye collaboration. He released his career-defining LP The Blueprint in and released the excellent retirement fake-out The Black Album just two years piml. Retrieved November Daddy jz pimp, That night the guy went straight to the police and I was indicted You Great Foundation Everything. But the industry had Daddy jz pimp plans. Robert F.


Thank Insert Higher Power HERE Politicians are such upstanding, honest, stalwart representatives of their constituents with sterling reputations to boot. He is doing and saying whatever he can to get attention before the big money financiers throw in with Jeb Bush. Type Straight Gay Shemale. So chump on that beaver. America the Duplicitous. I have Haiy pussies love for them at all. Same people that said Bobby got Whitney on crack then truth surfaces Daddy jz pimp she infact put him on to the white lady. I truly believe that they are going to take jay z down. They are told what Daddy jz pimp what not to buy or spend. How can you say that? Undoubtedly, indisputably JayZ got a hold of Bey and gave her some game and now she has turned herself into the ultimate whore. Bobby and whit met in rehab. Shakira isnt married.

Not only are Jay-Z and Diddy the richest artists in hip-hop , they are also the wealthiest artists in America.

  • Republican evangelical presidential contender, Mike Huckabee, is saying that Jay Z has crossed the line from husband to pimp by exploiting his wife, Beyonce, as a sex object.
  • Daughter Pimped By Father.
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If Jay-Z had his way back in , this list would be too brief to warrant compiling. But the industry had different plans. His merging of thinking-man street raps with commercial hits paved the way for artists like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole to do the same today. But as an adolescent, he put his hobby on the backburner and crack sales on the front.

He followed that with the inconsistent, overly polished In My Lifetime, Vol. From through , Jay was unstoppable. He released at least one project annually, while nurturing promising new talent like Philadelphia-based rappers Freeway and Beanie Sigel. With the help of brilliant music minds like Kanye West, Just Blaze, and the Neptunes, Jay dictated the course of hip-hop and emerged as a keen songwriter who knew exactly how to maximize the strengths of his collaborators.

He released his career-defining LP The Blueprint in and released the excellent retirement fake-out The Black Album just two years later. But Jay never really committed to his retirement. From on, he seemed hell-bent on proving that he still had what it took to keep the No. Every release from this period of his career had a strategic selling point, whether it was a marquee collaborator like R. These albums range from lyrically and musically progressive, to painfully awkward and unfocused.

The expensive, No I. A-sampling cut is a misguided attempt at celebrating stand-up women and shaming shady ones. The project was doomed, though, once a video that allegedly shows the Chicago singer having sex with and urinating on an underage girl began making the rounds — Jay wisely fell back from the project like Homer Simpson sinking into a bush.

The controversy seemed to be simmering down two years later despite 14 then-pending child-pornography charges against Kelly in Chicago and the two stars gave it another go.

Maurice White deserved better. The following year, Kelly was actually arrested in Miami after police found 12 images of a nude, underage girl in his Florida home. Those child-pornography charges were later dropped after a technicality deemed the photos inadmissible in court.

But yeah, this song is okay, I guess. Singer K. Hey, did you know that R. Carter : From the music to the lyrics, this song feels limp. Aside from being a vehicle to showcase Amil, who already has two other appearances on this album, it really has no reason to exist. And Mr. Even the titles are nearly identical, ugh. Musically, the sum is not greater than its parts. Blige—featuring track recorded to boost anticipation for their co-headlining Heart of the City tour that year.

The song reeks of trendy pandering; the polychromatic music video, with its fish-eye camerawork, is a Top 10 corniest Hov moment. Kelly sings about trying to conjure the sexiest lyrics and music possible for this actual song, and Jay enables him by dropping eight bars of metaphors about waistlines and bass lines.

As the album played, attendees watched an outer-space light show, with shooting stars zipping across an overhead screen. Carter : Jay personifies diamonds to fit the plot of the cop comedy Blue Streak this song also appears on the soundtrack. Here he presents his unlikely success as a disruptive force, likening himself to Muhammad Ali and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. How could you not root for this guy?

Still, this beat is plodding, and the track slows the momentum of Vol. It approaches gimmicky ground when he introduces his own rap prospect, but J. Instead it became a stand-alone short that finds Hov announcing his partial ownership of the Brooklyn Nets. Kelly express the confusion that comes with fake friends, both sounding conflicted. The final draft retained some subliminal shots, but ultimately sounds like Hov is shadowboxing with himself.

Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z lend their support by splitting a verse. Blige sample. He boasts about his maturity, which entails everything from smoking Cuban cigars to maintaining an excellent credit score. Kelly and Jay-Z. On the track, Jay skims through his life story, from growing up without a father to sonning his rap competition. The two rappers, with their different yet harmonious approaches, conquer a bubbly curveball of a beat by Q-Tip.

Carter : Ironically, Jay ended up in trouble with the law around the time of the release of this extended metaphor comparing his musical rise to a high-profile criminal trial. Carter : The one-minute intro to this song shines brightest, as Jay makes clear just how comfortable he is with handling and using his gun.

The song samples the theme music from its titular TV series, but Jay neglects to name-drop another Brooklyn-born hardass: the Honorable Judge Judy. Jay examines that repetition, mulling over the influence of his own criminal activities on the nephews who look up to him. Dre, who recorded the original track, along for the ride. The electric guitar-powered beat during the second half would sound at home on Vol.

He returned home to a mess. Also, Nas had tried to lynch an effigy of his former rival at Summer Jam before being blocked by Hot Kelly, of all people, to sing about innocence.

He goes at it for less than four minutes, but I could listen to Hov spit over this beat for hours. Here, he opens up about a close friend and fellow hustler who snitched once he got snagged by police. Jay is a ghetto griot here, sharing a story about how a group of tenacious kids with big aspirations and limited options find themselves in the coke game.

Ball till your days is up. The song ends in a place of peace, acceptance, and forgiveness. Jay, Beans, and Bleek indulge their love for hot wheels over a thumping beat, saluting the road warriors and auto aficionados who know the real party goes down at the let out.

DJ Toomp provides a stirring, cinematic backdrop — these two really should work together again. But music matchmaker DJ Khaled paired them up proper, allowing Hendrix to lay down an inescapable hook and Hov to spit cloth talk of only the highest thread count. Over a crescendoing organ riff, the two rap legends grumble about the misfortunes that come along with being filthy rich.

These horn flourishes and xylophone taps are the perfect sound-bed for a retelling of how a kid from Marcy Projects massively succeeded against all odds. Jay is nervous, unsure, maybe even neurotic — a type of vulnerability previously unseen, a tip of the transparency iceberg that was to come.

The Marcy lyricists narrate scenarios that prove in the streets, wolves can take on many different forms. While Kanye rotates women and extols the merits of birth-control pills, Jay gives all glory to Gloria Carter, his mom. But the track is heavy-handed in its execution, an approach that Jay reveals was intentional in his book, Decoded. The trio brings exactly that over this bouncy Rick Rock production — the best example of their gratifying synergy.

But as his storied career proves, he could never definitively say good-bye to music. Still, the chipmunked Tom Brock sample is undeniable. Jay singles out his ego, separating himself from the persona that led him to shoot his own brother as a young teen, or cheat on his wife.

Simpson as a worst-case scenario. Jay pays it forward, urging listeners to strive for investment, ownership, and wealth that can be passed down to descendants.

But producer B-Money helped make a solid first impression by hooking up an alluring clarinet melody that could charm a cobra. Hov slithers about, lamenting the plummeting stock of rap lyricism. Is he full of shit? Who knows. Jay had a pimp name and persona — Cashmere Jones — that he employs here, setting out to drop the slickest rhymes he could think of.

Either way, this is another masterful pairing with the great Frank Ocean. Blue Ivy is gonna be. His skill is undeniable here, as he raps about his need for money by any means, seemingly not yet percent sold on rap as a full-time hustle.

This Black Album adieu sounds like a tropical vacation, with dancing strings that Jay skips across in double-time. The spoken outro may or may not have inspired Kanye to rant at the end of The College Dropout. But the way he puts his words together is so irresistible — at one point Jay mouths the sound of a money counter, hitting each syllable like a stone skipping across a lake.

The bulk of the action takes place in their minds, building up with suspense and ending in reality — a promising musical career for Bleek. Jay leads the way here, though, spitting the type of one-liners that might dominate your Twitter feed had this song dropped today.

The beat, which sounds like a monophonic 8-bit ringtone, burrows its way into your brain — these days, it evokes the earlys perfectly. His moratorium was issued over an insane guitar-and-brass medley that was just begging to be sampled. His elevated vocal pitch is sui generis. Every verse here deserves a flame emoji — but leaving it at that is no fun.

Propelled by an urgent bass line, Kanye and Jay-Z offer strikingly different musings on religion. Jay contemplates ancient Socratic philosophy, while Kanye praises polygamy, cocaine, and Red Bull. Frank Ocean ties it all together by singing a string of rhetorical questions, but sounds great nonetheless.

He does a convincing job. A jubilant anthem, perfect for toasting to advancement, comradery, or prosperity, and then getting wasted at the bar with friends.

Just saying. Beyonce has the money, the fame, a sister who has her back , and a mother who is pretty smart and savy herself. But in that video she does look like a working girl. I did too and those teachers ruled pver us with intimidation and fwar, the nuns were worse. Get a life Mike and quit watching Beyonce shake her ass..

Daddy jz pimp

Daddy jz pimp

Daddy jz pimp.


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I know, making observations is being a hater. The air must be thin as hell up there on that high horse you sittin on. Somebody please let me know…WTF up wit shawty?

Talking about how we want our people to rise. We are humbled and are very clear on our responsibility to our people! We want our people to be straight. All of us. Not just 2!!!! Narrative we change. The black renaissance has begun! Entertainment News. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit. Previous Story. Tool fan didn't realize he asked Eddie Van Halen to take his picture at concert.

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Daddy jz pimp

Daddy jz pimp