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The only time I spent the night in jail was over my Maddie. She was my angel, my sweet girl, my spitting image. Her mother made the mistake of pulling her from my arms while my girl was screaming and crying my name. I had never known fury or strength like I did then. I rammed the door with my shoulder so that it shuddered.

Cum muffin stories

Cum muffin stories

Cum muffin stories

Cum muffin stories

We sat down and started going over our mufffin. Please Rate This Submission: 1 5 best. Did you tell? You must be logged in to post a comment. He was younger than Cum muffin stories older sons. Aron Daniels. Would it reassure you to sleep by daddy tonight?

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Years and years ago, I was once in a band.

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The only time I spent the night in jail was over my Maddie. She was my angel, my sweet girl, my spitting image. Her mother made the mistake of pulling her from my arms while my girl was screaming and crying my name. I had never known fury or strength like I did then. I rammed the door with my shoulder so that it shuddered.

It was a trash trailer door and when I rammed it again the lock snapped. My ex wife looked at me with terror and rage. But I wasn't paying attention. All I could see was Maddie. She held her hands out for me still and there was nothing but adoration and helpless need in those little angel eyes. I sang to her, softly, and she smiled in relief. That smile was worth the night in the jail cell.

I've always said it. My Maddie brought out the best and the worst of me. After that I threw myself into my life. I had screwed up my first chance at school, my first chance at everything.

But then Maddie was born. It's hard to believe now but when her mother came to me and told me I would be a father, I fought it. She was having sex with at least two others, my promiscuous and bipolar ex wife.

I said that she wasn't mine. I said it right up until my Maddie was born. And then I saw her eyes. Those were my eyes. I fell in love like I had never loved her mother or anyone else before her.

And there was no failure for an option. I served my marine corps and used it for a college fund, where I studied computer sciences. The years were torture. Maddie's mother had custody of her and she moved around a lot, switching from boy to boy.

I hated it. The thought of Maddie in unsteady environments made me sick. I looked forward to every weekend I had custody of her and kept her in my dorm room when I was in college and she was a toddler. I didn't get many dates with Maddie. But I didn't want them anyway, not after what her mother had put me through. I wanted nothing besides my Maddie. And my end goal was an environment so steady and smooth that I could fight for custody of her.

I kept every text, every email, every record of her mother's inadequacy for proof on the day I would need it. My brother in law was a wonderful lawyer who was willing to help since I had proven myself. I won him over with my marine service. But it didn't matter. The year after I graduated her mother approached me without a fight. I had always been wonderful with computer sciences and my job opportunities were beautiful in their steadiness. And her mother had heard.

So she offered to sign Maddie over to me if I continued to pay her child support and raised my daughter. In effect, she sold our daughter to me. I didn't hesitate.

I took her in an instant, knowing that there was no place in the world better for my daughter than by side. I was a man possessed over her. She was too quiet when I first got her and it upset me to see the insecurities of an unstable home in her eyes at first. So I homeschooled her.

I refused to give my little girl back to the world. She was mine and she would live like a princess. I bought her stuffed animals and dresses. I bought her nail polishes and makeup and glitter and ribbons. I raised her in a castle of a bedroom with a princess canopy and butterflies decorating everything. Oh she had her teenage rebellions, but overall she was a wonderful child. Maddie has always brought out the worst and the best in me. After her 18th birthday and graduation I persuaded her to take a year off school to decide what she wished to do with her life.

Maddie was indecisive at the best of times and she loved to learn. The problem was that she loved to learn everything and couldn't choose a favorite area of study.

She grinned at me shyly when I suggested it. All I ask is that you help me with my own work at times. Is that in agreement? Daddy, there's this boy at the book store sometimes and a movie comes out Friday that I want-" "No. I will take you. The thought of a boy with my daughter filled me with rage. She'd been through enough. I would not see her heart broken as well. Her lip quivered.

I want to be held and It had never really changed. Stuffed animals covered her bed and the butterflies glittered down at me happily. I looked at Maddie. I will hold you and keep you company. She was mine. And I would not give her away. I don't really understand them but I I want I hurt sometimes.

I lay down on her bed and tucked her gently into my arms, spooning her close to me and kissing her cheek. Daddy's got you. I stroked her long hair from her crown down her back in long, soothing strokes. I rubbed gentle circles on her shoulders and held her safely in my arms. Maddie's hand moved lower from where she held me.

She stroked my side and nuzzled my chest. For a moment, I didn't even realize quite what she was doing. She was so slow and steady. She moved her hand in matching circles to mine and stroked her way down my side.

Down to my thigh She froze when I grabbed her hand, staring at me. Come here. Or was it me who was interested in her and had misinterpreted? As I cradled little Maddie, I wasn't sure. She had turned to a lovely young lady and I was possessive over her, it was true. I had always had fetishes and it had always made me question myself. As I cradled Maddie, I decided that maybe it had just been a while since I found a playmate.

I never dated after divorcing her mother, but I had needs, it was true. There were a few playmates I could get hold of. I decided to call one that night and have a date. That must have been it.

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Cum muffin stories

Cum muffin stories

Cum muffin stories

Cum muffin stories

Cum muffin stories

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Well, in the new movie Muffin Top: A Love Story, writer, director and actress Cathryn Michon does just that, focusing on the fact that to find true love, you must first love yourself!

There are things very different from me, but at its core, the idea of feeling so worthless when you end a marriage and then growing to love yourself, is percent me. Buying Tickets, but Not Making Movies…. And this production has some well-known actors like David Arquette, Melissa Peterman and Marissa Jaret Winokur, as well as others who got their first break in the movie.

After we made the movie, we turned to Kickstarter, an online funding platform for creative projects where people can pledge donations toward the project.

The funds from Kickstarter have been used to finance the nationwide tour, bringing it to local theatres across the country, like the showing we had in Winston-Salem, NC, this past November. People sharing about the movie on Facebook pages, writing online reviews at Amazon and Rotten Tomatoes — these are the ways we feel the word will get out.

The movie will run in theatrical release in 27 select theaters and tickets for these screenings can be purchased online through the website. Originally from Pfafftown, Carolyn now calls Clemmons home.

She has a degree in journalism and psychology. She has three dogs and loves all wildlife. View all posts by Carolyn Peterson. Adele Casanova has returned to the Forsyth Magazine team as a writer and account executive. She worked with the magazines from through , all while running her own businesses. Adele has a year history as an entrepreneur in the Triad.

She worked as an independent speaker and trainer in the mid-to-late 90s conducting workshops for many companies in business communication skills and professional image. Adele is a licensed esthetician and ran her own skin spa in Winston-Salem until retiring from working full time as a business owner. She loves having time now for gardening, traveling, reading and volunteering for local non-profits. Having been a small business owner, Adele has great respect for other small business owners and loves to showcase their successes in the magazines.

She loves to write and has been published in several triad magazines over the years. She has two wonderful grown children and especially loves spending quality time with them. She has a degree in finance from Virginia Tech. She has been a stay-at-home mom for 13 years, but previously worked as a financial analyst for a government contractor in Northern Virginia.

In her free time, she enjoys riding and showing her registered quarter horse, as well as cooking and gardening. She has two children, Grace 13 and Henry 7.

Her husband, Jim, is the sales director for Ferguson Enterprises. Forsyth Magazines writer since Denise hails from Gastonia, but grew up in Kernersville. With two brief stints living in other states Texas and Ohio , Forsyth County kept calling her home, where she plans to stay. Denise has a grown son, Charlie, and shares her home with husband, Wayne, a local drummer. Denise loves her coffee and also loves animals, especially cats. In her spare time, Denise is an active volunteer for Proverbs 31 Ministries and serves in several capacities.

Denise also writes a faith-based blog, MyGraceFullLife. Meghan Corbett grew up in Winston-Salem. She graduated with honors with a degree in mass media communication and a minor in journalism from NC State University. She married her high school sweetheart, Will, in Meghan and Will, along with rescue dogs Moze and Charlie, welcomed a baby girl to their family in Meghan loves to shop, read and take vacations.

Meghan writes for all four titles in the Forsyth Magazines family and serves as backup editor. It is an amazing job where you feel supported throughout every aspect of your life. A Winston-Salem native, Elisa now calls Charlotte home where she works as a middle school English teacher. She lives with her dog, Bella, who is a Lhasa Apso and enjoys antiques, arts, music, reading, traveling and baking though she says she cannot cook. Keith grew up in southern Virginia before moving to Winston-Salem with his wife, Cindy.

Keith and Cindy have two children as well as their pet Maltese. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, reading, spending time with his family and travel. Jen Oleniczak Brown is the Founder of The Engaging Educator EE , a women-owned and operated company dedicated to helping people find their unapologetic, authentic and best voice, communication style, and self through improv-based education and Fearless Winston Salem, a collaborative collective for and by women.

Julie Fritz moved to Winston-Salem in and has been writing professionally since She has two small children and enjoys hiking, trail running, swimming, travel, cooking, and volunteering. Julie graduated from college in and is a dental hygienist. She loves the variety of friendly locals she gets to know through sharing their stories here at Forsyth Magazines. Kristi also enjoys spending time with her kids, the arts, reading, cooking and the martial art of Krav Maga.

Lisa shares a home with her husband of 10 years, Kevin. Together, they have daughter, Sayre and their angel-son, Finn who lived two years. Their family also includes two dogs. Lisa has a degree in education and, as such, writes many educational articles for the magazines. Originally from High Point, Martie now calls Greensboro home. She has a dog Lucky and cat Dusty and loves to travel, read and listen to music.

Born in Texas, Megan was brought to North Carolina when she was only two months old. A recent graduate from Salem College, Megan has a degree in communication with a minor in history. She has a toy poodle named Gidget and, in her spare time, she loves cooking, music, reading and travel.

Megan has also spent time in film, having appeared in two movies — an independent production and as an extra in studio film. Forsyth Magazines Writer since She has a bachelor degree in communication from East Carolina University, with a minor in geological studies.

Sara is married to Evan and in her spare time, she enjoys cooking, arts and crafts, dancing, gardening, music, and travel. Sara is also a blogger. Her page is SaraFromScratch. She later moved to New Mexico and, after a few years, moved to Winston-Salem, NC, to study classical ballet at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts from the eighth grade through high school.

She graduated with a B. Susan is grateful for her faith, family, and friends and is happy and excited to be part of the Forsyth Mags team. She spreads the word about Forsyth magazines and enjoys reading and sharing them with her family and friends every month. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in journalism and spent a term at Christ Church College, Oxford University. Susan relishes her role of grandmother and caring for her two rescue pups — Duncan and Matilda. She loves to travel and on a recent trip visited China and climbed the Great Wall.

Sara Migliarese lives in Advance, NC. She has been a physical therapist since and specializes in the evaluation and treatment of adults with neurologic conditions.

She believes in the need for kindness and the redemptive power of hope. Her first job was on a cruise ship when she was 18 years old! Tabatha has been married to her husband, Bobby, for 18 years. They are proud parents to year-old Beau and share their home with a Boston terrier named Norman and a fat cat named Shiraz. In her spare time, Tabatha enjoys cooking, photography, camping and arts and crafts. And, of course, with a degree in tourism — she loves to travel! Tabi Falcone has lived in Winston-Salem since and finds it is the perfect mix of country and city for her lifestyle needs.

With a background in art, she dabbles in just about every craft imaginable and enjoys sharing this passion with her children. Her other interests include camping, hiking, running, and she is never one to turn down an adventure. Graphic designer since Aron earned his degree in graphic design from Western Carolina University. Aron enjoys reading, photography, drawing, computer games, and camping. We have a great team in place and with the diversity of each design project, I stay moving and creative all the time!

Laurie Dalton calls Lewisville home! She shares her home with her husband, Jeff. In her spare time, Laurie enjoys spending time with her boys, kayaking, and training her new puppy, Sierra.

Forsyth Family editor since Tim has a Ph. He and his wife, Vicki, have been married for 47 years, and they have three grown children as well as a Siamese cat. Tim enjoys collecting art and antiques, and spending time researching family genealogy.

His research has helped him realize that two of his grandchildren are descendants of the Massachusetts Pilgrims and Native American heroine, Pocahontas. I also think the magazines provide a great service to the county. Forsyth Woman content editor since Kim has a law degree from Wake Forest University and is an original member of the Forsyth Magazines team.

Cum muffin stories

Cum muffin stories

Cum muffin stories