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This month is Public Domain Month and it has prompted me to do something that has been on my mind for some time. You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Of course one of the joys of sharing is also that people use things in places you had never even thought of, so have a browse and see what you can find. Collectors typically gather images from a particular theme that they have a special interest and unique knowledge about. Family collections often come with rich stories attached, handed down through generations, or the owners have done extensive research to add value.

Paris vintage photo collector

Paris vintage photo collector

Paris vintage photo collector

Paris vintage photo collector

Unidentified military hospital, Great War. They simulated a three-dimensional view and often captured faraway locations. Paris vintage photo collector and vegetable shop, Rue Mouffetard, Paris, So I would encourage anyone who has images to share them openly and join in the fun. Path near Saint-Cloud, a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, Paris vintage photo collector The Internet offers colkector easy ways to browse. He also had a passion for graffiti. New basket [0]. Jardin du Luxembourg, Daguerreotypes vitnage be expensive to purchase, particularly if the image displays something out of the Extreme cartoon hentai.

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Upload Edit Image. Below is vitage Catalogue entry for the camera:. This one is from the universal exposition of Paris of MarinaMarinova 3 years ago Les ivrognes sont immortels :. Best Offer. Classified Ads. Horsman 2 Eclipse Camera c. This Paris vintage photo collector in fair condition for his age is little rough the book has been seemingly repaired. All Auction Buy It Now. Buy It Now. Gallery View.

His long-time friend, the author Henry Miller, nicknamed him "The Eye of Paris" for his devotion to the city, and he was close to many of its artists.

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To accomplish this, he dragged a large-format bellows camera through the streets, often beginning at dawn. Photographer and critic John Szarkowski later called Atget's techniques "obsolescent when he adopted them, and very nearly anachronistic by the time of his death. But Atget didn't even want to be known as a photographer; he was instead an "author-producer" capturing and cataloging a fading scene.

Atget and his documents, however, were sufficiently in demand. By the early '20s, Atget achieved financial independence by selling thousands of his negatives to various institutions.

His work later drew praise from the likes of Picasso and Matisse, while American photographers Man Ray and Berenice Abbott are credited with rescuing Atget's work from obscurity before his death in Abbott, in fact, was the first to exhibit his work outside of France and is responsible for many of Atget's existing prints. Atget refused. His old technology and techniques sufficed, and besides, Atget considered his work "finished" in , five years before his acolytes came calling.

Then, see what the French in the 19th century thought the 21st century would look like. By Kellen Perry. Like this gallery? Share it: Share Tweet Email. Lampshade merchant, Rue Lepic, Montmarte, Paris, circa Parisians looking at a total solar eclipse, April 17, Pont Neuf, Paris, A man plays guitar at an unspecified location in Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg, The Palace of Versailles, Quai d'Anjou, Place Eau-de-Robec, Bar inside a cabaret, location unknown, circa Car and two motorcycles in front of garage, Rue de Valence, Paris, Water lilies likely in a botanical garden of Bagatelle, a park on the outskirts of Paris, Path near Saint-Cloud, a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, Butcher shop, Rue Christine, Paris, circa s.

Fruit and vegetable shop, Rue Mouffetard, Paris, Pont Marie, a bridge crossing the Seine, Paris, Statues in Saint-Cloud, a commune in the western suburbs of Paris, circa Corset shop, Boulevard de Strasbourg, Paris, Outside Paris, circa s.

Reapers, Somme, Carousel, location unknown, Street musicians, location unknown, circa Street paver, circa Headless mannequin outside a shop, circa — Unknown couple outside of a brothel, Mannequins in shop windows, Avenue des Gobelins, Paris, Residential interior, Paris, Funeral couch, Ragpicker's hut, location unknown, Ragpickers made a living rummaging through refuse for salvage.

Rue St. Rustique, Montmartre, Paris, Basket-maker's house, outside Paris, circa Rue Laplace and Rue Valette, Paris, Share Tweet Email.

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Visit AntiqueCameras. Hasselblad C Lenses. Its arch served as the entranceway to the expo. DariaB 3 years ago Those Zigomar pictures kinda make me worried Please provide a valid price range. February 1, with 36 notes. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

Paris vintage photo collector

Paris vintage photo collector. Watch Next

American Daguerreotype and Wet Plate cameras are especially desired. Can provide consultation on collections as well as auction estimates.

Do you want to know what your photographic equipment is worth? Looking to sell your equipment? Visit AntiqueCameras. Join Our Mailing List Sunart Vidi folding plate camera c. How much is my camera or lens worth? The Zentmayer Lens. Patented Tintype of a Stereo Camera c.

Camera Collecting Books found at Amazon. Click the banner above for Camera Collecting books Daguerreotype Token. CC Harrison Orthscope Lens c. Below is a Rochester Optical Company Commodore camera in 4x5 size. See here for the later model Commodore in 4x5 size. Below is an Catalogue entry for the camera:. Rochester Optical Commodore 4x5. A simple American tailboard camera with no markings to distinguish the manufacturer.

Horsman 2 Eclipse Camera c. Antique Cameras D. Ludwig Leitz Museum Site. Moshi Barel's Antique Camera Site. Subscribe to AntiqueCameras. Enter your name and email address below:. Name: Email: Subscribe Unsubscribe. I am not an expert so not sure on age. Full colour professionally produced disc graphics - As shown. Antique Victorian leather bound photograph album. The front velvet is a little worn the clasp works perfectly. Note the back 2 pages are empty they are for smaller photos.

Approx The rigid front has a piece missing on the bottom left. Benefits charity. This is in fair condition for his age is little rough the book has been seemingly repaired. The album has 24 double sided board pages. The cover is board with cloth inside spine. The content of this album is particularly interesting and varied and there are over 80 printed photographs here.

This is a wonderful antique photo album with over 25 photos. The photos were taken in Reading, PA. Really great collection of photos. These have a great look to them and a beautiful artistic feel. There are 5 further pages of text in Japanese explaining the contents.

The album is bound in dark blue velvet with a white silk cord holding it together. Loosely included is a greeting, with a small landscape and garlands of flowers, hand painted and lettered on silk, which is mounted on card and the edges of the card gilded. Possibly a wedding card?

The pages of the album are in very good condition, with a few small tears, and occasional light spots. The box is wood covered in rose print - the spine of the album is fabric. There are no photos in the album. I think this belonged to a student nurse. A well rounded album. Clasp works great. There are 32, 4X6" cabinet photo slots with 2 empty. Children photos are excellent condition and so cool.

Clasp is stamped Pat. In very good condition binding is intact some corners of pages have beem reinforced with scotch tape"see pictures" measures 12x9x3 inches. Hot This Week. Got one to sell? Make an Offer.

Paris en Images, the photographic of Paris just a click away

His long-time friend, the author Henry Miller, nicknamed him "The Eye of Paris" for his devotion to the city, and he was close to many of its artists. His enduring relationship with Picasso in particular yielded many famous portraits of the artist, as well as important books.

His series of photo-books of Paris graffiti have also been hugely influential. He only turned to photography to document his articles but eventually he became enchanted with the medium. At night he would venture out to capture the city's deserted streets, its shadowed monuments, and those who only emerged after dark — prostitutes, street cleaners, and rag pickers - many of whom he captured in candid photographs.

From , when working as a photographer was difficult due to the German occupation, Picasso encouraged him to return to drawing, and later sculpture. He was also an accomplished writer and painter. He is buried in Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris. He was the recipient of several major awards, including the Gold Medal for Photography at the Venice Biennale , the first Grand Prix National de la Photographie , the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres , and the Chevalier de l'Order de la Legion d'honneur Each image reflects deeply upon a time and an era in Paris, which is both astounding, beautiful and provocative.

When an artist dies, the responsibility for the remaining artworks often falls to a spouse, a relative, or in some cases, a long time friend or studio associate.

But as is often the case, family members tend to squirrel away some of their favorites, living with them in their homes and keeping them out of the purview of the art market machine.

He moved to Paris in the glitzy, Fitzgerald-filled s and documented France until his death, in But once he arrived in Paris in , he gave up his brushes. At the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, there's an exhibit right now which goes to darker places with a camera.

The images in "Real Worlds" are from three major photographers, taken over half a century. Beginning in the s, the transplanted Transylvanian photographer wandered the Parisian streets after dark, documenting prostitutes and lovers.

He was a dedicated voyeur, and a master of the candid picture. He also had a passion for graffiti. There were pictures of thugs, bums, prostitutes, brothels, drag balls, lesbian bars, interracial dances—who knew such things even existed forty years earlier?

Please use the sharing tools found via the email icon at the top of articles. Copying articles to share with others is a breach of FT. Email licensing ft. Subscribers may share up to 10 or 20 articles per month using the gift article service. They met in Paris in , when Miller was writing Tropic of Cancer.

There are also a few surprises, including three closeups of melted soap and a twist of raw cotton that slip between Surrealism, science fiction, and pornography. Edwynn Houk built his reputation as the owner of the premier gallery in the Midwest.

Based in Chicago, he became the country's acknowledged expert on Bill Brandt's work. Last fall, however, Houk, 46, split with Friedman and opened his own gallery in Manhattan.

If there were any doubts about how Houk would do on his own, they were put to rest with his opening exhibition, featuring the latest work by Mann. He has estimated that he sells one of Mann's prints a day. At the same time, he premiered her work on the West Coast at the prestigious Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles, once again forging an impressive alliance. Streetwalker, Rue Quincampoix , c. L'Opiomane , c.

Cage of Wild Beasts , Inquire. Le Corset Noir , Inquire. We snap a selfie with the tap of a finger. We're used to preserving smiling moments. Download PDF.

Paris vintage photo collector

Paris vintage photo collector

Paris vintage photo collector