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Reno, NV Every year, a mighty throng of burners congregating from all over the world passes through the Gateway to Burning Man: Reno, Nevada. In their wake they leave some fifteen to twenty-five million dollars in revenue for local stores that sell the supplies they need. If you just got off an airplane and have no camping gear, you can walk into Twin City and walk out ready to burn like a pro. The building is comfortably crammed with gear, and the two outdoor yards one in back of the building, one across the street are marvelous troves of treasure for campers, artists, makers, tinkerers, handymen, and builders of all stripe.

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It is written about a character's time spent caught up in, and notably escaping from, the mids New York City fast lane. The novel got its title from the Jimmy Reed blues song of the same name. The novel is written in the second person , an unusual narrative method in English language fiction. The story's narrator is a year-old writer who works as a fact checker for a highbrow magazine for which he had once hoped to write. By night, he is a cocaine -using party-goer seeking to lose himself in the hedonism of the s yuppie party scene, often going to a nightclub called Heartbreak.