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Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. Towards the end of pregnancy around 27 to 40 weeks the baby can feel very heavy. The tiredness and irritability of the early weeks often returns, and your partner may start to feel worried or frightened about the birth. If she's on maternity leave from work, she might feel lonely without the company of her colleagues. It may take a while before she opens up.

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We compiled the best girl on girl fight scenes in movies. From Hollywood action movies to foreign films, the greatest fight scenes with girls feature martial arts, badass characters, and bloody violence. Here are the best girl fight scenes in movies. Vote for your favorite fight scenes in cinematic history and feel free to add any good girl fights missing from the list. Released:

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For some, being able to give an incredible blow job and leave their lover panting with pleasure is a point of pride. However, others lack confidence. It can be empowering to know that you are completely in charge of making your man feel amazing, making the experience genuinely enjoyable for both partners. Begin by placing tiny, teasing kisses on his stomach and thighs, before letting your lips graze the tip of his penis. Have you heard of any guy who likes a dry blow job?