Below bikini line-Bikini wax: What to expect the first time you get one

It is fast, inexpensive, efficient, and if done right , painless. With some prep work, a good razor, some know-how, and a little after-care, your bikini area will be dolphin-smooth. Note that it is not just women who have a "bikini-line"! The gent sporting an athletic-style swimwear such as competitive "Speedo-style" swimsuits or other brief-style swimwear also need to take a little time to attend to good grooming. To shave your bikini line, start by picking a sharp, multi-blade razor since the hair in this area tends to be coarser.

Below bikini line

Below bikini line

Below bikini line

Trim your hair in a well-lit area before you get in the shower. What to expect the first time you get a spray tan. By clicking continue below and using our sites or applications, you agree that we and our third party advertisers can:. Everything to Know About Beauty Sleep. Yes, lavender oil can be a good post-shaving choice as well. Ultra Moisturizing Below bikini line. If a long-lasting method Below bikini line 1 on your priority list, a bikini wax may be your best Celebrities battle with anorexia. Gillette amazon. The fastest way to heal sunburnt skin. Weird but necessary.

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No matter the time of year, many people want the look and feel of silky-smooth skin.

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If you're one of the 77 percent of women who shave their bikini line, then you know the full pain of a shave gone wrong. So is there even a good way to shave—or should you just splurge on a wax? Turns out, you can totally shave your pubic hair without getting all the bumps and irritation—you just have to be mindful of these seven expert tips. Picking the right razor is the first step to ensuring your bikini line is smooth and bump-free.

In other words, you'll get a better, closer shave without risking a cut or irritation. Before shaving your bikini area, spend about 10 minutes in warm water first. This will help soften the outer layer of your skin, making it easier to remove hair and lessen your chances of getting razor burn , says Fumi Ozaki, an esthetician and electrologist in Redondo Beach, California.

Once your bikini line has been cleaned and dried, Engelman suggests lightly exfoliating with a wet washcloth or a scrub to remove dead skin cells, allowing the blade to get closer to the skin. And similarly to that quality bikini shaver you're supposed to buy, don't just reach for a random, cheap shaving cream. Apply a very thin layer only to the area that needs to be shaved so you can see the skin and hair shaft underneath. People have a lot of opinions about whether you should shave up or down on your bikini line, and the direction you shave does matter.

Shave in one direction—with the hair growth. While gliding your razor gently along the bikini line, keep the blade downward without adding too much pressure.

Wash off as soon as you put your razor down, and hold a cold compress to the area for 10 minutes to prevent irritation, says Ozaki. Apply an anti-redness serum preferably fragrance-free to further reduce your chances of experiencing razor burn. Bischoff suggests looking for products containing soothing aloe vera, as well as jojoba oil and vitamin E for hydration. After every shave, make sure to sanitize your blades with rubbing alcohol and warm or hot water.

You can also cut your losses and avoid those red bumps by storing blades in a clean, dry place so they don't pick up bacteria sitting around in the shower. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Kristen Bell's Go-To Workout. Invest in a good bikini razor Picking the right razor is the first step to ensuring your bikini line is smooth and bump-free.

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Below bikini line

Below bikini line

Below bikini line

Below bikini line

Below bikini line.


How to Shave Your Bikini Line: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

No matter the time of year, many people want the look and feel of silky-smooth skin. Here's everything you need to know to stay fuzz-free. If you want to feel extra-smooth around your bikini line, you've got a few options. First, shaving : While it's not a particularly long-lasting method, it's typically pain-free, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Soften first with shaving cream, foam, or oil like our GH Beauty Award winner below to guard skin and improve glide, rinse the razor's blades often to unclog, and replace them about every two weeks for maximum safety and efficacy, the GH Beauty Lab recommends.

Kim also suggests applying Tend Skin skin-calming treatment if you tend to get ingrown hairs or razor bumps easily. Waxing is another option for your bikini line. If a long-lasting method is 1 on your priority list, a bikini wax may be your best option. The GH Beauty Lab advises making sure skin is completely dry before waxing try soaking up moisture with baby powder if needed. If you don't mind dedicating a bit of time to it every few days depending on how quickly your hair grows , this is a great option.

Heidi Waldorf , M. Another hair-removal method many know and love: depilatory cream. Kim explains. Just be sure to do a patch test before applying one of these to your skin, and don't leave it on for longer than the instructions direct, the Beauty Lab recommends. If you have a higher pain tolerance and prefer to keep regrowth at bay, consider waxing , as it normally lasts between three and six weeks.

Waldorf says. Getting a quick wax every month or so can keep your underarm hair at bay without reaching for the razor every morning.

Worried about little bumps? Consult a dermatologist if you're still concerned about whether or not your underarm area can handle waxing. Laser hair removal is a much longer-term method, but if you're sure you'll never again want hair in a specific spot, such as your underarms, it could be worthwhile to consider it.

Waldorf explains. Check out our guide to laser hair removal for everything you need to know on the subject. While it's less common than removing hair on the aforementioned body parts, there are lots of people out there who prefer to get rid of the fuzz on their arms, especially via wax strips , like the kind found in the Beauty Lab's top-tested kit below.

Unlike hot wax, these pre-coated strips are applied at room temperature, require minimal effort, and can be used at home, says New York City dermatologist Doris Day , M. Over time, waxing can result in your hair growing back finer, extending intervals between hair-removal sessions.

Follow the directions properly, and remove any residual wax with a dab of baby oil on a cotton ball. Another good option for your arms: depilatory creams.

As previously mentioned, depilatory creams work by incorporating chemicals that break down the bonds in your hair. If you want a longer-lasting result than shaving and something less painful than waxing, try an easy-to-use depilatory cream, like the Beauty Lab's top-tested pick below.

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Below bikini line

Below bikini line

Below bikini line