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By Dan Heching For Dailymail. She may seem like somewhat of a goody-two-shoes in some of the roles she selects, but on Monday night, she was anything but. Brie, 36, looked ravishing for the event, where she was on hand to present an award with French Montana. Brie's little black dress featured strips of sequinned material alternated with sheer paneling, which revealed a black bikini bottom underneath. Her neckline plunged all the way down her front, and her striped skirt had a slight A-line flair.

Alison bikini stuff

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The hottest pictures of Alison Brie in a bikini, swimsuit, or other swimwear.

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The Alison swimsuit from Burdastyle is a perfect starter-suit, for those of you who may have never made one before and are feeling a little nervous. I always love working with stretch fabrics since the projects come together rather quickly and easily… if you have the right tools and use the correct techniques, that is! Read and sew along as I sew my retro swimsuit step-by-step in this 3 part sew along!

Determine your size and cut out along your size line. For sewing patterns meant to be sewn in a lycra, remember that they need to be smaller than your body measurements. If you are having difficulties determining your size you should measure your waist and hip circumference and multiply by 0. This calculation will be what your sewing pattern needs to measure. Another thing to keep in mind is the seam allowance. Once your pattern is ready for cutting you need to determine the direction of greatest stretch on the lycra.

The direction of greatest stretch needs to be across your body so you need to lay out your pattern accordingly. I found for the Sport Lycra the direction of greatest stretch was perpendicular to the selvage edge, so I placed my pieces with the center fronts and backs parallel to the selvedge as pictured. The back strap piece is optional, and only cut if you plan on having them tie up at the back like the pattern.

The unlabeled piece is the front tab, and you only need to cut one of those. For the crotch piece you must also cut it out of lining. The bust section is already doubled up so no need to line that piece. What I find easiest is to simply lay the fabric crotch piece wrong sides together with the lining and cut out from there. Make sure you also determine the direction of greatest stretch of the lining so it corresponds to the crotch piece.

Make sure you install one on your regular sewing machine before you do any sewing, even if you are sewing with a serger, there are still some steps that require a straight stitch machine. Serging seams is the best for stretch fabrics since the threads are all looped together and stretch a lot with the fabric. You are pretty much guaranteed no seam popping when the tension is right for a serged seam, and that is pretty important for a swimsuit.

Have your serger set up for four threads and test the tension settings on scrap pieces of fabric. Also make sure to shorten your stitch length a bit when sewing with stretch fabrics. When sewing the seams of your swimsuit set your zig zag to the narrowest setting, and for topstitching you will need to widen it.

Basically to sew a swimsuit in lycra on your regular sewing machine you need to use a stitch that also stretches. Now that we got all the sewing with lycra basics down we can start on the fun stuff, sewing the suit! The first seams to sew are the crotch seams. Lay the front suit down right side up and then the crotch piece right side down aligning the curves the smaller curve is the front, and the larger curve is the back.

In this seam we are sewing an inward and an outward curve together. So pick up the two layers and pin the lining underneath the front and crotch piece. Pin all three layers together. Now that we have the front crotch seam sewn, we need to sew the back. Then take the crotch lining and twist so the right side of the lining is together with the wrong side of the back piece. Pin all three layers together and sew.

Flip to the right side so everything is laying flat, and you should have your crotch piece looking like this. Both seams are concealed on the inside to make it less irritating to wear. Take your crotch piece to your sewing machine and set it to a basic basting stitch this stitch will hold the layers together and is not a seam. Sew on each side making sure to be inside the seam allowance. This is what it should look like from the right side.

The basting stitch just really helps when we apply the elastic to the leg openings. Hope you enjoyed part one of our Alison swimsuit sew along using sport lycra!

What print are you going to use for your swimsuit? If you want to try a basic suit first for fit and testing out your machine settings for this fabric, register for an account and download our swimsuit sloper for free here. Meg gained the technical skills in pattern making and advanced sewing that led to a number of awards for her design and construction skills. She is now is the editor, lead educator, and face of BurdaStyle. She thrives working from her downtown studio loft everyday with her giant Flemish rabbit and is regularly commissioned to sew wedding garments, textile art installations, and everything in-between.

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Alison bikini stuff

Alison bikini stuff

Alison bikini stuff

Alison bikini stuff

Alison bikini stuff

Alison bikini stuff.


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The hottest pictures of Alison Brie in a bikini, swimsuit, or other swimwear. Alison Brie is well known for being one of the hottest actresses in the world. Especially as the out-of-nowhere sexy star of the TV show Community. It is to be expected that people yearn for a closer look at Alison Brie's hot body, so they search for photos of her in bikinis, lingerie and other skimpy beachwear.

Alison Brie is on full display in these swimsuit pics. These photos are available all over the Internet and here they are put together just for you! These are the sexiest Alison Brie bikini shots the web has to offer.

Alison Brie bathing suit pics! These are some of the hottest Alison Brie swimsuit pics you're likely to ever see! Alison Brie in Green Underwear. Alison Brie in Red Zippered Bikini. Alison Brie in Black Bikini. The Best Songs About Davids.

Alison bikini stuff

Alison bikini stuff