Why All Natural Insect Repellent Is Better Than Deet Insect Repellent
20 Jul

Why All Natural Insect Repellent Is Better Than Deet Insect Repellent

Everyone knows how annoying it can be to have mosquitoes slurping up your blood and leaving that horrid itchy round welt on your skin. Not only can the pesky insects annoy you at a barbecue and your family outing or picnic, they can also carry West Nile virus and Zika virus.

Both viruses are serious illnesses and should be avoided at all costs. Most at risk are pregnant women, elderly and infants. How can one reduce the incidence of mosquito bites in a safe manner?

Prevention is the key. When insects are bothering you isn’t the time to decide which insect repellent to use. It’s important to study the repellents on the market today and know the risks.

Preventing insect bites before they happen by using mosquito repellent is the only way to stop them from happening. Choosing the right repellent is the next most important step  in preventing mosquito bites.

Many repellents have harsh chemicals in them. Although these harsh chemicals will prevent mosquito bites, it’s also important to know what these harsh chemicals will do to your body.

Most mosquito repellents are loaded with toxic chemicals, so toxic in fact that the chemical Deet, which is commonly found in mosquito repellent, states clearly on the label that you should wash it off of your skin upon returning indoors.

Labels further state that Deet shouldn’t be used on bare skin, skin that has been broken out recently or has sores that are healing. Labels also go on to state that no more than ten to thirty percent of the Deet chemical should be in the products.

Deet shouldn’t be used on children under the age of two months old nor should it be used on the elderly. With so many warnings on the products that carry Deet, one begins to wonder why it’s even in a mosquito repellent in the first place.

Why All Natural Insect Repellent Is Better Than Deet Insect Repellent

In rare instances, Deet can cause seizures and occasionally, death. There are alternatives to these chemical repellents. All natural insect repellent works very well to reduce or eliminate mosquito bites.

One such product includes Neem oil. Products that carry Neem oil usually include many all natural products such as botanicals as well. They are safe for all ages including infants and they repel mosquitoes as well or even better than Deet products.

Other all natural products include picaridin as well as lemon oil and eucalyptus. Such products offer far fewer side effects and still repel ticks as well as mosquitoes. They typically last up to eight hours and can again, be used for all ages.

Let’s face it, if an herbicide is sprayed on a field it kills everything around it. In the same fashion, Deet is a chemical and can cause irreparable bodily harm to the mosquito, but also to you. Do you want to rub chemicals all over your skin? Most people don’t.

All natural products take advantage of common ingredients such as lemon oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus leaves and other such products. They also infuse a lot of emollients into the product that helps to soothe the skin such as aloe.

In addition to all natural repellents, one can also set plants up in and around their yard that also help to repel mosquitoes. Such plants would include basil and lavender as well as marigolds. All of these help to keep mosquitoes at bay.

All natural insect repellents make so much more sense. When you’re trying to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes it only stands to reason that there are all-natural ways to prevent such bites.

In addition to all natural products, you can also wear long sleeves and avoid areas with standing water that may help to prevent mosquitoes.

Remember to allow the all-natural repellents at least 30 minutes to work before going into any mosquito infested area. It takes a bit of time for the products to seep into the skin and begin to work.

Mosquitoes have been with us since the beginning of time, but that doesn’t mean we have to put up with them. We can take preventative measures to use all-natural products and prevent the bites that can cause illnesses.

Avoid using products that contain chemicals that can harm you and cause you serious health issues. If a product has so many warnings that you are starting to wonder whether or not the mosquito bite is better than the potential health hazards, it’s time to consider an all-natural repellent.

All-natural products can be applied directly to the skin and massaged in. They offer emollients that help to soothe the skin and soften it as well. With soft refreshing scents that aren’t offensive to the olfactory senses, these offer many more benefits than Deet products do. There is no need to wash them off after going back indoors and they won’t harm the environment.

Why All Natural Insect Repellent Is Better Than Deet Insect Repellent